Anything is Possible!

With Love, Hope, and Perseverance


Nana Loves You


I wasn’t sure about you at first

Wasn’t even sure

If we were related

Lies in my head

About the myth of the perfect family

Surrendered to beautiful

Exquisitely original

Outside the box truth.


When I held you on my lap

And fed you pureed apricots

And smelled your red hair,

It didn’t matter anymore

Whether you carried my genes.


And when I saw how carefully

Your not quite three year old hand

held the pen on the paper

to make intricate lines

almost like letters,

I knew who you were.


Now your quiet eyes haunt me

From so far away.

I long to sit with you

To read the storybooks

I’ve been saving for you,

To sing lullabies

And hear you call me