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#SoCS: The Wedding Dress Prank and Other Imaginings



Today’s prompt for SoCS is “dress.” But first, isn’t that a beautiful badge? Congratulations to Shelley!  Are those drops of water just peeking down into the grass? Are they going to fall? Doesn’t matter. It’s a moment captured in time, in the stream of consciousness, but it suggests movement. Dancing even. Which brings us back to the dress. A dress a raindrop might wear while suspended on a blade of grass. Wow, that photo sure is inspiring me.

The dress. I wrote about my wedding dress in my book, Trust the Timing. I had taken it to the hotel room where my girlfriends were staying two days before the wedding, because the dress was big and my house was, and is, small, and I didn’t want David to see it of course. My girlfriends from high school were staying at the beach. They had a balcony where you could see the ocean.  One of my girlfriends called me – or I called them, I don’t remember –  but Terry, she had terrible news. She told me they had been playing with the dress on the balcony and the wind grabbed it and took it away. It was somewhere out on the ocean. She was so sorry. Of course I didn’t believe them. Not really. One of the girlfriends was snorting a laugh but said she was crying because the dress was gone. They kept it up for quite a while. But of course it was just a prank. The dress was safe and sound. Here’s what it looked like on my wedding day.

Bride & Groom framed by doors

Aw.  It’s funny that when I was a kid, I hated wearing dresses. I wore jeans all the time in my teens and twenties. Now, jeans feel stiff and uncomfortable. I’d much rather wear a long dress, a skirt with and elastic waist, or yoga pants – stretchy pants I wouldn’t be caught dead in back in high school.

Dressing up for Halloween was one of my favorite things back in the days of my youth. In my twenties and even in my thirties, I’d dress up as mother nature or something with moss on my head. It’s been years since I dressed up for Halloween, but I’m tempted to do something just for fun.  I used to want to dress up as Glinda, the good witch from the Wizard of Oz, but so far, that hasn’t happened. What if I crossed Glinda with Mother Nature? I think I’d have some kind of a crown and blow bubbles. Green shoes and lots of sparkles. The dress would be green and gold. Maybe green and amber. Very flowy. Oh, maybe my crown would be a wreath of ivy or flowers. I just stopped for a minute and looked on line for a Glinda meets Mother Nature dress. None of them matched my imagination.  That’s okay.  Sometimes imagination is enough.

What would you dress up as if you could dress up as anything you wanted?

Oh, and here’s an angel in a green dress that I painted a few years ago.

Angel in a green dress on white

Better an angel in a green dress than a devil with a blue dress. That was a song. I don’t think I liked it much. Damn. Can’t end on that note. Sometimes the stream forks off into a bog. Let’s turn around and paddle back to that question:

What or who would you like to dress up as?

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Will She Forgive Us?

“I leave behind even my walking stick. My knife is in my pocket, but that I have forgot. I bring no car, no cell phone, no computer, no camera, no CD player, no fax, no TV, not even a book. I go into the woods. I sit on a log provided at no cost. It is the earth I’ve come to, the earth itself, sadly abused by the stupidity only humans are capable of but, as ever, itself. Free. A bargain! Get it while it lasts.”          

                                                                                                     Wendell Berry

Sunset at Sander's Point

We have been cruel to our Mother

Not all of us,

But as a species

We spoil her precious gifts

We plunder her riches.

Will we outgrow our childish disrespect

Before we destroy her?

Will she be able to forgive us?

Mother nature is huge and diverse,

Like the human race.

Will we learn to live in peace?

Or will we destroy our home

And ourselves,

Leaving earth to rats and roaches?

The possibilities abound.

Some of her wounds are so deep,

I fear despair will overtake me.

But  some work to save her.

Some wounds are healing.

Parts of her remain intact and glorious.

She has a great capacity for healing.

If enough of us work for that healing,

Our Mother may Forgive us.

Tree on Boone Hillside

This post was inspired by Harlon at A Patient Voice: