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Home Planet


Today’s prompt for the stream is :astronomical.” That makes me think of astronomy which leads me to Star Trek.  Some of you know I’m a big fan of The Trek and that Spock was my first crush in the late 60s and especially when my dad was in Vietnam. One might be surprised for my love of Star Trek since I love this good ol’ planet earth and get motion sickness at the drop of a hat, so I couldn’t go boldly off planet without some really good meds for fixing that. Also, my main genre of writing so far is nonfiction/romance/relationships, but who knows, maybe I’ll write some science fiction some day. I do have some ideas….. But The Trek made a big impression when I needed stability and escape in my life.

I’ve gotten into reading Star Trek novels lately for escape, and they work like a charm. Plus, now that we have BBC, I can watch reruns of Voyager and Next Generation which are my favorites. I like that women have important roles in those series. But I also like reading old ST novels that show James T. Kirk having self doubts and fears because he had such an over confident, maybe even pompous, swaggery thing going on back in the 60s show. It just goes to show that we all have our issues.

Going back to my love for the earth and exploratory science fiction, I really do believe that our efforts should be mostly spent taking care of our home planet, Mother Earth, because right now, there is no planet B. Even if there was a planet B, I still love Earth, and she who has given us so much, deserves our protection and respect. As Spock says,

Spock One Liner on Ecosystem

…Or any kind of wealth. I guess imaginary wealth means you can’t eat money. Maybe all the man-made structures and financial accounts however “astronomical” they might seem, are really not much at all compared to the beautiful and life-giving life forms of creation here on Earth. Speaking of which, here are some photos I’ve taken in western North Carolina:

lake trail lake view.jpg

lake at twilight vertical

River from the lake trail dam.jpg

river through trees.jpg

Jess looking at hole in tree

My granddaughter is curious.

I guess I’ll go boldly in my fantasies and keep my feet planted firmly on this precious home planet where there is much to explore and love. Thank you to all who go boldly in defense of planet earth. I will join you when I can.

If God is like a wise parent, wouldn’t God expect us to take care of our home planet first before we’re ready to find a new one?  We still have a lot of growing up to do as a species.

What do you think? How much money/effort should we put into exploring space compared to protecting Earth?

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Round Two

bird nest from pixabay


Round is the shape of a baby’s head crowning,

Round is a mother’s breast,

A robin’s nest.

Round is how love makes the world go.

Round is the ring on my finger,

The center of a flower.

Round is the shape of suns and planets,

Round is mother earth,

A full moon.

Round is the seasons coming and going

And coming back around again,

Another chance.

This is second response to Saturday’s Stream of Consciousness prompt: “round.” The no editing rule was not followed.  For more information, visit Linda Hill’s blog: Life in Progress and click on “prompts” in the menu.



Awesome Stories 335

Mother Earth can heal, but we have to give her a chance with time and medicine (as in compost), and we will dance with gratitude among the trees. Those are some clues about these awesome stories from Brad at “Writing to Freedom.”

writing to freedom

This week Awesome Stories brings you forest regeneration, Medicine Baba, growing gratitude, and dancing.

Forest Regenerationforest regeneration, Awesome Stories

This story warms my heart and gives me hope for the future. Twenty years ago, a couple donated a forested piece of land in exchange for orange peels and pulp for some deforested land. It turned out to be one of the best things they’ve ever done and a huge boon for climate change. This simple solution might be a game changer for climate change. After the initial shock of how well the forest had regrown, studies showed that not only did the forest grow faster and healthier, but it absorbed CO2 11 times faster than old-growth forests. This simple change of redirecting food waste to deforested land could dramatically reduce both landfill waste and CO2 growth in one simple solution.

Medicine Baba

This is a great story of how one person can make a difference. Touched…

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There’s still hope for Mother Earth. Re-blogging this heartfelt plea.


Hello Everyone ! How are you all doing ? I just wanted to share with you some thoughts about the beautiful mother that provides life to us – our beautiful earth. I think it is important that each one of us need to be aware of our responsibilities to our environment and to contribute in some way to the well-being of our environment.

Have you ever wondered how life would be without Mother Earth. Earth that is so beautiful and breathtaking and a sight to behold. That sustains us and provides us, nurtures us and protects us like her own. O you wonderful earthlings did you forget that we would not have a life so ecstatic and wonderful , if we did not have her as our own. We want to scale her and measure her and try to know what lies deep inside, And we are always wondering how…

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Mother Earth

“Be praised, my Lord, through our sister Mother Earth, who feeds us and rules us, and produces various fruits with colored flowers and herbs”.  __ Saint Francis of Assisi

Mother Earth is a living organism

Saint Francis knew her as alive. She is part of Creation. Like the moon and the stars. Like fire and water and wind. Like bees, trees, and crystals. All have energy given to them by God. All can benefit us, if we love, honor, and respect the gifts. Yet, all living things have their own reasons to live, their own songs to sing, and their own dreams to dream. We were created to live in harmony with all life.

It’s not too late. We can learn. We can heal together.

(This post is part of my Earth Month Celebration. Because Mother Earth deserves more than one day.)