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She Must Be in the Stream of Consciousness


Let me see if I’ve got this straight. It’s an interesting prompt.

….“the first 3 words of the first full sentence.” Okay, follow me here. This is what I want you to do: 1. Grab the closest book to you when you sit down to write your post. 2. Open it to a random page. 3. Locate the first complete sentence on that page. 4. Use the first three words of that sentence to start your post, then take it from there–write whatever comes to mind. That’s it! Have fun!”   (That’s from our host, Linda G. Hill.

When I first saw this prompt and then picked up the book I’m reading, I thought it was the first sentence, so I’ll start with that.

“She must be here with you right now.”

The sentence comes from Under the Tamarind Tree a novel by a blogger you might know,  Rosaliene Bacchus, of Three Worlds One Vision.  Yes, Rosaliene, I’m still reading your book. I’m a slow reader and have a habit of reading multiple books at the same time. But I’m really enjoying your book. Maybe enjoying isn’t the best word, because it’s about hard times, but I’m really …. saying really too much…. getting to care about the characters and appreciate the realism of their struggles.

The main character, Richard, says to his friend, “She must be here with you right now,” about his friend’s mother who is deceased and a dream Richard had about her. She must be here refers to his friend’s wedding. This reminded me of my feeling that my mother was there in spirit at my wedding even though she is an angel in heaven.

If I go back to the prompt and do it correctly, I would use the first three words:

She must be

She must be crazy. That’s what that other driver must’ve been thinking yesterday when I was not being mindful of my driving. I was looking for a place in an unfamiliar neighborhood and could have caused an accident. Thankfully the intersection was not busy and the other driver WAS being mindful. I’m still embarrassed. But also thankful that I wasn’t driving fast, and God was watching out for me. Maybe my mom was too. And Dad. Thank you!

So here’s the deal. I have to be mindful when I’m driving. I have to put up another sticky note in my car where I will see it every time.


That must mean no free flowing stream of consciousness while driving. Only what I see on the road, signs, and traffic lights.  Maybe I can make it like flipping a switch when I get in the car to drive. A prayer would help. God, help me be mindful when I’m driving.

But when I’m not driving, let the stream flow!

And while we’re on flowing streams, God, please let the rains flow down and put out the fires in Australia.


rain drops on pine needles


That’s my stream for this Saturday.  Great prompt, Linda!


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