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SoCS: Writing from the Couch with a Side of Star Wars


The couch can be a wonderful respite, a therapeutic venue, or a trap that sucks you in and holds you captive. Well, that might be a little dramatic. It’s Friday night, and I’m sitting on the couch with my computer watching Star Wars, The Phantom Menace, as I type, except when I switch to Harry Potter. I wanted to watch Valkyrie, a true story about a nazi who tries to assassinate Hitler, which I’ve never seen, but we don’t get that channel in our package.

I sit on the couch a lot with the computer. Too much because it’s not good for my back. Better to sit at the table. The couch is really a love seat we brought from my parents’ house. Their big gold couch was just too big. We’ve had used furniture as a regular thing for years because of the dogs. It’s odd not to be sharing the couch/love seat with a dog after so many years of doing so.  When we had the five pack (my two plus three step dogs) the dogs were on the couch more than the humans. We tried to keep Beep off the couch once by putting stools and chairs up there, but it didn’t stop her. So we gave up and let the dogs have the couch which at that time was a This End Up one from the old days. Maybe the only one I’ve ever bought new.

Beep on couch chairs.jpg

Beep was tenacious.

(Star Wars is easier to watch than Harry Potter. For me anyway. Maybe cause I’ve been watching star wars since I was about 20. )

Anyway, sometimes I paint small pieces of art sitting on the couch. I like to paint on discarded wood with acrylics. But I can’t paint big stuff sitting on the couch. For the big stuff or something that takes close attention to detail, like one of the mermaids I’m working on, I go to the kitchen and paint on the washing machine that is right under the window. Good light there, and I can stand up.

Speaking of mermaids, I’ve just created a new website for my art.  Building it has been more complicated than when I first started this WP blog. I hope it’s more complicated and not just that my mind is less sharp. They have so many plug ins and things that they’re trying to sell…. I hope the the subscribe button works now. Thank you to Sue Dreamwalker for encouraging me in my art and the website. Sue is an artist, too.

Pretty soon, at least by the next commercial, I’m going to get off this couch/loveseat and stretch. If I don’t, it will be hard to get up, and I’ll be walking funny. Maybe I’ll do a little yoga while watching Jedi, Qui Gon Ginn.

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