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WATWB: Mask Makers

11-year-old sews 500 blankets and over 1,000 masks for kids in need

Lucy Blaylock learned to sew three years ago when she made a quilt for a friend’s birthday….

“After the party she asked her mom if they could put together a blanket giveaway for children in need. She posted on social media and received 16 messages from parents of kids battling cancer, autism, bullies, and a move to a new city.”

“She’s donated 1,100 masks since March to those asking for a helping hand — including an order for the Ronald McDonald House, her mom said.”

Here’s more from Good Morning America. 

Retired Librarian Turned Mask Maker

In a related story,  retired librarian Cheri Nienke  has made over 1700 masks that she has donated to her community. Here’s that story. 

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