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Stars, Seeds, Tears, and Raindrops


Here’s our Stream of Consciousness prompt for today:

“fall from the sky.” Write about anything that falls from the sky–real, imagined, or idiomatic. Have fun!      (Linda G. Hill)

I can definitely have fun with this one.

If a meteor fell from the sky, would it squash us or bring aliens?  Carnivorous flowers from my unconscious mind are snaking into this post. I want to write about fun! Rain drops fall from the sky. We need some here as it’s been dry. If tears fall from the sky, does that mean God can cry?  I wouldn’t be surprised. If God laughs, would it make a rainbow? But you have to have water, rain, moisture,  for a rainbow.

Before long, maple seeds will fall from the sky like miniature helicopters. Spinning with delight to sprout seedlings with seemingly little effort.

maple seeds

If stars fell from the sky

Would they turn into fire flies?

Why would stars fall down from the sky?

This lady knew the answer.  I’m sorry she’s gone. Long gone. But she taught me to sing, and for that I am grateful.


Feeling musical, and getting back to raindrops that fall from the sky and landing on my head….



(Don’t try this without a stunt double!)

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