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Thursday Tree Love: Blooming Magnolias

Magnolia Flowers in the Parking Lot

It seems everywhere I look magnolias are blooming – big sprawling trees and tall thin ones like the one in the parking lot at the grocery store. I had not realized this parking lot contained a magnolia tree until today. You may have read this before here and might again: All parking lots should have tree islands like this one that I’m guessing was paved about 30 years ago. Magnolias are evergreens. They drop the old brown leaves as new leaves and flowers come in. The flowers have a soft, lemony scent.

More magnolia photos:

The last photo was taken by my daughter a couple of weeks ago at her apartment complex where the magnolia flowers were “as big as your head.”


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Thursday Tree Love: Winter Magnolias and a Poem

tree love magnolias in winter


On a  breezy, gray winter day

Leaves rustled overhead.

It must have been magnolias

since their neighbor’s leaves were shed.

The living leaves clicked softly

Chiming in with whispers

Knowing some would soon make room

for lemon scented flowers.

Tree love magnolias in winter path


Some of the older magnolia leaves will drop off in early spring to make room for flowers. The magnolia flowers I see in my neighborhood have big, white petals with a hint of yellow and a lemony scent.

I thought this was an interesting trunk, Do you see a heart?

magnolia trunk

magnolia trunk (4)


 Here’s an older photo of a winter magnolia on a sunny day:

magnolia trunk face


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