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Good News Tuesday for Nov. 29, 2022: South Korea Close to Zero Food Waste, Genetically Engineered T Cells Help Lupus Patients, Free School Lunch in Colorado, and an 11-Year-Old Saves his Sister

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South Korea has Almost Zero Food Waste

This article from The Guardian explains how South Korea recycles almost all of its food waste and gives examples of what a couple of US states are attempting to reduce food waste and methane from landfills.

Genetically Engineered T Cells take Five Lupus Patients into Remission

Five patients with “untreatable” lupus were given an infusion of genetically engineered immune cells, or CAR T-cells which were originally developed to attack cancer cells. The genetics of the T cells were directed to specifically attack the defective autoantibody-producing B-cells that cause damage in lupus. All five patients went into remission. Here’s more from The Good News Network.

Free Lunch for Students in Colorado

Voters in the US state of Colorado approved a ballot measure to provide free meals for all public school students. Here’s more from NPR

11-Year-Old Saves His Sister from Second Floor of Burning House

Laprentis Doughty, age 11, ran back into his burning house when he realized his two-year-old sister, Loyalty, was still inside. You can read the story, here, and watch the video below.

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