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Good News Tuesday June 16, 2020: Breonna’s Law, Banning Choke Holds, Protecting LGBTQ Rights, Kindness Photos, and A Baby Deer Rescue

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Louisville Kentucky Bans No Knock Warrants with “Breonna’s Law”

In March, Breonna Taylor was sleeping when police broke into her home with a “no- knock warrant” and shot her eight times.  Her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker didn’t know who was breaking in and fired his licensed handgun in defense, wounding one officer. Police returned fire, killing Breonna. On June 12, the Louisville city council unanimously passed Breonna’s Law banning no-knock warrants. Breonna was an EMT and saved lives for a living. Her family hopes her death will save more lives.   You can learn more  about Breonna and the incident in this video:


France Bans Choke Holds

In a related story, France is banning police choke holds:

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said the use of chokeholds — which he described as applying pressure on an individual’s neck or throat while holding them on the ground — was a “dangerous method” and will no longer be taught in police training.   CNN


US Supreme Court Rules LGBTQ Workers Protected from Job Discrimination

On Monday, the US Supreme Court ruled (6-3) that LGBTQ workers are protected from job discrimination by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which prohibits discrimination based on sex.  You can learn more from this article in The Washington Post

Good News Photo Collection

BoredPanda has collected 46 “wholesome” photos with stories about random acts of kindness between people of different colors.  Click here for stories that will warm your heart and restore faith in humanity.


Good Samaritans Save a Baby Deer with CPR


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