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Good News Tuesday for Oct. 18, 2022: Border Agreement between Lebanon and Israel, Oregon University Pays Native American Tuition, Over the Counter Hearing Aids, an Animal Rights Victory, and a Pregnant Firefighter Helps a Crash Victim

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Lebanon and Israel Reach a Historic Maritime Border Agreement

Lebanon and Israel have reached a “historic” deal to end a long maritime border dispute in the gas-rich Mediterranean Sea. The agreement is likely to lower tensions between the two countries and must now be ratified by lawmakers in both countries. You can read details in this article from my 1440 daily report.

University of Oregon to Pay Tuition for Native American Students

A new program at the University of Oregon will pay the tuition and fees of Native American students thanks to state, federal and institutional grants. You can read more in this article.

Over the Counter Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids are now available without a prescription in the US at a fraction of the cost. While most insurance and Medicare pays for hearting tests, many do not pay for hearing aids. “Manufacturers will offer technical assistance through apps and by phone,” according to this CBS News article.

Animal Rights Activists Found Not Guilty of Theft and Burglary

Activists Wayne Hsiung and Paul Picklesimer who rescued two sick baby pigs from a factory farm in Utah were found not guilty of theft and burglary. US News has more.

Pregnant Firefighter Gives Care to Crash Victim, then goes into Labor

Megan Warfiled was 9 months pregnant when she and her mother were involved in a car crash. After making sure they were both okay, she went to assess the scene and ended up giving care to another crash victim. In the following video, the reporter says Megan “ignored her own needs,” but I disagree. Megan made sure she was okay and stopped herself from crawling into the overturned car. After the adrenaline wore off, Megan went into labor and had her baby 23 hours later.

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Good News Tuesday for Jan. 4, 2022: Housing Rights, Food Waste Recycling, Glitter from Fruit, Elk Rescue, and a 14-Year-Old Runner Pushes Her Brother in a Wheelchair Cross-Country

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Today I have two videos! They are both about generosity through hard work. Generosity happens to be the prompt for today’s Just Jot it January. Thanks, Sadje for the prompt, and thanks to Linda Hill for hosting Just Jot it January. Learn more about #JusJoJan by clicking here.

Housing Rights Protection in Lebanon

The nonprofit Housing Monitor in Lebanon offers support to tenants facing eviction through a hotline, legal representation, and community organizing. The service brings together refugees, migrants, and vulnerable Lebanese. Here’s more from GoodGoodGood.

California Launches the Largest Food Waste Recycling Program in US

This month, California will implement the “largest mandatory residential food waste recycling program in the US.” The program will cut down on organic waste in landfills and reduce methane emissions. (This encourages me to keep on composting.) The Guardian has details

Glitter Made from Fruit

Check out the story from GoodGoodGood on glitter made from fruit. It’s biodegradable and way less harmful to the environment.

Families Save Six Elk on Christmas Eve

As a 95% vegan lover of animals, I find this story interesting. It happened Christmas Eve when a hunter alerted his friends about 12 elk that had fallen through the ice on a river. Families were able to save 6 out of the 12 elk, and the six elk who died will be food for the rescuers. The story clearly shows that the hunter families felt compassion for the elk, particularly for a special calf. I am thankful for their compassion. It makes me wonder about the possibilities.

14-Year-Old Runner Pushes Brother in Wheelchair in Cross Country Races

Susan Bergeman, a fourteen-year-old from Wisconsin, pushes her brother Jeffery who has cerebral palsey in a wheelchair in cross-country races. Her strength, love, and generosity are phenomenal. Take a look:

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