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Good News Tuesday for Nov. 23, 2021: Protecting Marine Life in the South Pacific, Kitten Therapy at the Retirment Home, Hand Gesture Leads to Rescue, and Overcoming HIV

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

15 Million Acres of Protection Added for Marine Life

At the recent climate summit, Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso announced the addition of 15 million acers to protect marine life around the Galápagos Islands along with an underwater superhighway refuge from the Galapagos Islands to Coasta Rica. The additions will help protect endangered migratory animals like scalloped hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, rays, sea turtles, and tuna. Here are details from the Good News Network.

Kitten Therapy at the Retirement Home

An SPCA foster caregiver who works at a retirement home in California brought a box of tiny foster kittens to to her office one day. Take a look at what happened when the word got out, in this article from the Washington Post.

Kidnapped Teen Rescued After Showing the Hand Gesture for Help

Overcoming HIV

A 30-year-old woman in Argentia has become the second known person in the world whose immune system has overcome HIV. You can learn more from the Good News Network article which includes this video:

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Painting This Angel Boosted My Immune System

Angels Among Us Angel

Thrift Store Angel by JoAnne Silvia

I was sure I was coming down with a cold. Extra congestion with body aches signaled the onset. But I was determined to get started on the angel.

I’ve been saying “I’m supposed to be painting angels,” for a couple years. When a new thrift store,  “Angels Among Us,” opened near my neighborhood, I started to think about painting an angel on the side of their building. So I got some scrap wood and practiced by painting the angel sculpture  in their store.


Angel in Green Dress by JoAnne Silvia

Then I used the other side of the scrap of wood to experiment.


Angel with Mary and Joseph by JoAnne Silvia

Angel Heart

Close up of the angel guiding the holy couple, by JoAnne Silvia (after I added the heart light)


Santa Music Box

I still have a little more green to paint on the pink ribbon.

During this time of contemplating angels,  I started painting a wind up musical PINK robed Santa Clause I bought at our church yard sale, because he played “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” and I wanted to paint his robe red. Who ever heard of a pink Santa? Working on this simple project helped me realize how much I love painting, coloring, and making art of any kind.



So, Saturday, in spite of feeling congested and achy, I bought the paint and went to “Angels Among Us,” a place where they they give away extra gloves and hats to kids. And they always have a free box outside. Here’s their Facebook page:

I discovered how to use the existing rough white background instead of white paint to create highlights. But even cooler than that, was how my cold symptoms went away when I got in the painting zone. I didn’t even notice that it was getting cold as the sun moved toward the horizon. I live in the south, so by cold, I mean below 65 degrees. The wind chill might have been close to 60 by the time I finished for the day.  But my cold symptoms were gone!

I could tell my body was fighting something off. Painting was, and is, my tonic. Okay, I took a little echinacea, but the natural high of making art was what really kicked that virus’ butt.  I’m convinced.

Painting the thrift store angel wasn’t all smooth sailing. I couldn’t get her hands right. Then after getting the basic form on the first day, I stepped back and saw that one arm was clearly longer than the other, and one wing was way smaller than the other. So today, I took some vacation time from my job to fix her and give her a halo.

Even though painting this angel on the side of the building had it’s challenges, it was exciting and fulfilling. It felt right to be doing what I was supposed to be doing.

Painting is coming back home to my soul. It’s about time.

Angels Among Us store

Next, I hope to work on the sign. I can’t wait!

My mom, who passed away a few years ago, collected angels. I wonder if she had anything to do with this. I think she’s smiling.