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Keeping Power in Stormy Weather


Today is day three of hurricane season. Whether we get a big storm or not, remains to be seen. September and October are usually the busiest times for hurricanes. I still have the urge to buy candles because I don’t want to run out. Several? many? years ago, Hurricane Floyd, I think it was Floyd… Let me look it up. Okay, Floyd hit North Carolina on September 16, 1999.  Or maybe it was Bertha in 1996. But what I do remember is being without electricity for over a week and running out of candles. Of course it could have been worse. Some people die in hurricanes. So I’m thankful for my life and my trees holding on.

You might have noticed that I wrote above we were without electricity. That’s my thing, to use the word electricity instead of power, so as not to give electricity so much power. I’ve written blogs and poems about it. So far, my campaign to say, “We lost electricity,” instead of, “We lost power,” has not caught on. But there’s always hope! I did hear one news reporter use the word electricity instead of power. Just once. I bet the higher ups in the news rooms prefer the use of “power” because it’s more dramatic to lose power than electricity. “Without power” sounds pretty scary. Unless you go to a 12 step perspective of powerlessness, because a higher power can help us with the scary stuff.

I am powerless over whether other people say electricity or power, but I will continue to say and write ELECTRICITY when I’m talking about the lights going out in a storm.

Do I have enough candles? Probably. But I might buy more. I’m guessing I have about, oh I don’t know, 20 big candles around the house, plus another 20 tea lights. Plus a couple of flashlights. Not that I’m worried.

I used to like little hurricanes that would close offices and give me time off work with only minor, minor damage. But now that I’m working from home, let’s just have reasonable weather. If only…

Here’s my latest poster on electricity and power in case you want to join the movement:

if we lose electricity

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