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Good News Tuesday: Helpers, Fur, and Friendship

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Helpers after the Storm

This BBC article highlights some of stories of those who helped after Hurricane Dorian including six year old Jermaine Bell  who used  money he’d been saving for Disney to help feed evacuees.

Many cruise ships diverted to the Bahamas to become relief vessels after Hurricane Dorian. Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean provided supplies and free transportation to evacuees and those returning home. The Equinox, of Celebrity cruise lines, interrupted their Caribbean itinerary so that their kitchen staff could serve 10,000 meals Cruise guests volunteered to plate and pack them. Here’s their story.

And don’t forget Chef Jose Andres is one who jumped right in and went the extra mile.

California Bans Fur Trapping

California has become the first US state to ban trapping mammals and other non-game animals for fur. Not only is trapping animals for fur cruel to the “target” animals, but also to dogs, cats, and birds who accidentally get trapped. This article from The Good News Network shares how the ban will save taxpayers money.

High School Seniors Step Up in Friendship

High school freshman Cale Wrenn, 14, had a rough time on his first days. Classmates made fun of him for being short, and he ate lunch alone. After his sister, Leah, asked for help on twitter, high school seniors, including Demontez Canada, who is a member of the football and basketball teams, became his friends. Watch the video below and imagine a world where compassion and friendship flow easily.


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SoCS: Getting Out of the Way


Today’s prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “weigh/way/whey.” Use one, use ’em all, bonus points if you do that last thing. Enjoy!

When we heard Dorian was coming to the Carolina Coast, we got out of the way. It was the first time since the early 80s, or even earlier, that we bugged out instead of riding out a hurricane. I think I always took a little pride in staying through the storms. Not saying that’s healthy, but we didn’t really have a place to go besides a hotel. So when we left the coast to head for the hills, it weighed on me just a little – the feeling that I was deserting my tribe. But it weighed just a little.

Hurricane Dorian was a disaster in the Bahamas. I’m saying a prayer right now for the folks down there, asking for comfort and strength in facing the devastation with serious weight. The predictions for Dorian coming right for my city and the thought of going a week without electricity which has often been the case in storms like this, were enough for my husband to convince me to go to the mountains. We got to visit with my son and his family – his new wife and my granddaughter – so that was a plus. Reports so far from our neighbors are that there was not as much damage as expected. No trees fell on our house and they still have electricity. The electricity is a big surprise. Even when we’ve lost electricity, we still have power! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

My hopes and prayers are with all those north along the coast in the path of Dorian’s remnants. Tomorrow (Saturday) we will be heading home to warmer temperatures and a little extra yard work. Hopefully no surprises.  We brought 17 year old Marigold with us for the first time to this mountain house. She was pretty disoriented at first, but was happy as long as she had her favorite bed. Here she is sleeping on the balcony. She didn’t like the 7 hour drive, but she’ll be happy to be home.

Mary moo loves her bed in the mtns

She fits if she turns the other way.

I could go for bonus points, but I’m a little tired after dancing with my granddaughter. She did have a little almond milk with grandma. No way it has any whey in it. And unlike little Miss Muffet, who ate curds and whey which doesn’t sound all that appetizing, my granddaughter would not be frightened by a spider. We would study a spider with great interest. Here’s a spider I found on my front porch before the storm. I hope it found some cover.  That other spider was just trying to be friends with Miss Muffet. Did it eat her curds and whey? Probably not. But anything is possible.

little green spider on web

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