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Homeless Man Finds Dog and Gives Her to His Grieving Friend. But that’s Not the End!


After giving the dog to his friend, James noticed the dog had a tag with a with a phone number. Click the link below for the story about good deeds, compassion, and gratitude.

The picture is accompanied by an electronic sounding voice, but it’s nice to have a visual too.


Good News is more abundant than we might think. What’s your good news?



It Seemed Like Things Were Getting Worse for this Homeless Family, Until…..

Ebony Rhodes was arrested and the car her family had been living in was impounded. But the officer asked questions and reported the situation to his deputy police chief setting in motion big changes for the family.

This good news story is full of compassion and wisdom.


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Things Are Getting Better with the Denver Day Works Program

Since the city of Denver launched Day Works at the end of 2016, 284 people have participated over the course of the last year. Now, “110 of the participants (many of whom were homeless) have found long-term work as a result.” Individual attention made a big difference in creating hope and positive attitudes needed for employment.

I found this story at the Good News Network.

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Bridges to Forgiveness


Last month, I watched a video, over at Sue Dreamwalker’s blog, about homelessness. The topic and the video still nudge me to explore further. It’s about a homeless man whose family comes to find him after many years.  I’ve  wondered how the man became homeless, what separated him from his family, and what brought his family back to him. Maybe enough time had gone by. Maybe the daughter, having grown up, wanted to see her father, to take a chance. Maybe the burden of her mother’s resentments had become too heavy, and it was time to open the door to forgiveness.

My experience working with and getting to know homeless people  has made me realize that if I’d encountered more misfortune or taken a couple steps further down certain roads, I could have ended up in their shoes. I’ve also learned that everyone has hopes and dreams even if they’ve been buried under the rubble of  addiction, poverty, or debilitating mental illness. Demons can distance people. Bridges get burned. Yet there is always hope for recovery, always an opportunity to love. Even if a bridge has been burned, it can be re-built.

On a side note, the hard part in writing this is that there must be someone I need to forgive or forgive more deeply. My X perhaps, or someone who’s gotten on my nerves. Resentments with deep roots, come back like weeds.

We’ve all been hurt and forgiveness can be a scary thing. We may need to set boundaries to take care of ourselves. But perhaps there is a door that can be opened just a little or a window that needs cleaning. Maybe we can look through that window and give a smile or a nod of encouragement. Bridges can be built with a handshake or a hug. Peace can begin with a whispered prayer.

God, help me remember that I need forgiveness, too.

Here’s the video, Momentos, by Nuno Rocha : Thanks to Sue Dreamwalker for sharing it.

(You might not cry, but you will be moved.)


A New Purpose for an Old Building

A historic building, formerly known as St. Anthony’s Hospital in Milwaukee, will be transformed into 60 supportive housing units where people can get medical care and help toward independence.

I love it when old buildings are re-purposed instead of torn down.

Here’s a short video about the project:


This article gives more on this story:

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A Homeless Hero in Manchester

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Stephen Jones, a homeless man, was sleeping when he heard the explosion at England’s Manchester Arena. At first he ran, but quickly went back to help. Other homeless people helped, too. Opportunity for good is abundant. Here’s what’s happening.



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Awesome Stories 308

Brad brings us awesome stories about the art and heart of teaching, sounds of silence in my bucket list destination, re-connecting homeless people with their loved ones, and basic comforts for kids.

writing to freedom

This week Awesome Stories brings you better teaching, preserving silence, miracle messages, and comfort cases.

Better Teaching

In this article, Parker Palmer shares what he had learned as a teacher, educator and group facilitator. His core premise is that teachers need to bring their whole person to their teaching. In most education systems the personal is discouraged as somehow bad or interfering with the objective truth. I agree with Parker, that in fact bringing our whole person to the role adds a level of truth, learning and inspiration that is too often missing in our current educational programs. Additionally, he talks about the need for listening to our inner teacher as the best source of wisdom for both teaching and life. This is what he calls the heart of teaching. What about you? Would you rather have a teacher who brings their unique person to the role or strictly…

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Instant Karma

After work, I drove to pick up our Monday night pizza for $7.99 and some dog food. The traffic was predictably heavy as I approached an intersection and saw a tall, black man with a beard and a knit hat, holding a cardboard sign that said, HOMELESS VETERAN. Something about him looked safe. I don’t know what. Maybe it’s because my dad is a veteran. Maybe it was because he looked to be about my age, like he could have gone to high school with me.

I realized I had an extra Nature Valley protein bar in my purse. He’d have to cross one lane of stopped traffic, waiting at the light with me, to get it. But I got the protein bar out of my purse and “rolled” down my window. When he saw me, I held the bar out to him.

“Do you want a protein bar?”

“Yes, ma’am. I’ll take anything!” he said. “Thank you!”

As the light changed and I drove on, I realized that I should have asked him if he knew about the  Rescue Mission, downtown. It would be a cold night. I should have at least mentioned it.

I got the dog food, and picked up a Vitamin Water, as I developed a plan to go back the same way. If he was still there, I would give him the water and tell him about the Mission.

When I got to the check out, the cashier kept looking at the pizza box. Then he told me they’d forgotten to put a price sticker on my pizza.

“It’s Monday, so it’s $7.99, I  said.”

“Well, today it’s zero.”

“What, you mean its free?”

“Yeah. We want you to come back.” He said.

“Wow. Thanks!”

I looked carefully for the homeless veteran as I turned at the intersection where I’d seen him last. He wasn’t there. I looked for him most of the way home. What if he was walking the same way I was going? Should I offer him a ride to the Mission? Would that be crazy?

As it turned out, I didn’t see him.

I hope he has a warm place to stay.

I keep thinking about him.

My slice of pizza seems like a feast.

It’s not awful that our gas furnace is on the fritz and we have to use space heaters.

We will be plenty warm in our little old house.



Spiritual Nudges

Bargain Center

I’m supposed to be doing something here.

It was more than a thought. It was a nudge, almost physical, like a gentle push on the back of my shoulder, as my husband and I stood in the dining room of the Rescue Mission.

I’d shopped at their thrift store a few times, and referred homeless clients there over the years, but I’d never taken a tour, until Larry, the resident manager, started going to our church and invited us over for a visit.

I’m supposed to be doing something here, kept popping up in my head as Larry showed us around and explained the 90 day program.

Up to 17 men live at the mission at any given time. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThey wake up at 5am to get ready for morning chapel and breakfast.

The men work in the thrift store Tuesday through Saturday, for the first thirty days, after which they can get a job or continue to work in the store. On Mondays, they take care of personal business, like counseling appointments, health care, and job interviews.

Mission Donation  drop off

Bargain Center  IMG_1218

Larry told us they hoped to develop a women and children’s program within the next couple of years.

“I’m supposed to be doing something here,” I said out loud. (I’d probably already said it more than once.) Then added, “What do you need in the way of volunteers?”

“Well, need people to lead morning chapel, and also Wednesday evening chapel,” Larry said.  He explained that chapel is thirty minutes, and focuses on the love of Jesus Christ.

My husband and I talked it over. Since I’m not a morning person, we arranged to lead Wednesday evening chapel alternating weeks with another couple from our church.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIn July, it will be two years since we started volunteering at the mission. We’ve gotten to know some of the men of the mission, their stories, their challenges, and their hopes for the future. Some residents can stay longer than 90 days, if they’re working on goals, and some have become staff. They become like family.

You can read some of their stories here:

In December, seemingly out of the blue, my husband was asked to interview for the position of director of the mission. They needed some one who would oversee both the men’s program and the new women and children’s program. My husband was hired for the position in January. He loves his work and says he had been practicing for years for this job, though he didn’t know this is where he would be.

You might have read about my longing to get back to creating art. Well, the mission is located in a revitalized art and antique district and will be joining in the monthly gallery walk, featuring local artists. We’re calling it “Art at the Mission.” Guess who was the first artist to sign up?   I’m happily busy, creating some new pieces to offer and excited at the prospect of bringing more people into the thrift store. Contributing a portion to my earnings to the mission will make it a win-win adventure.

I had no idea that the  nudge I felt so clearly almost two years ago, would lead to my husband getting a job he loves and me selling art at the Rescue Mission.

But I believe God had an idea.

I’m wondering: Have you ever felt a nudge? How did it effect your life?