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Good News Tuesday: Homeless Shelters, Pet Adoption Hero, Fighting Cancer, and A Police Officer’s Surprise


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Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Pope Francis Turns Vatican Palace into a Homeless Shelter

They could have made a lot of money turning this 19th century Vatican palace into a hotel, but instead, Pope Francis decided to make it a homeless shelter.  Be sure to watch the short video contained in this story from NBC.

In a related story, a non-profit in Denver, Colorado grabbed an old hotel to turn it into a homeless shelter.  Here’s that story from the Good News Network



Superbowl Winner Pays Adoption Fees for 91 Homeless Dogs

After his team won the Superbowl, Derrick Nnadi paid the adoption fees for the 91 dogs in Kansas City’s shelter. But this isn’t just a one time thing.

“Nnadi sponsored a program during the regular season in which he paid the adoption fee for one hard-to-adopt dog after each Chiefs victory. All of the dogs in that program found homes.”         Source and story:  ESPN

New Discoveries for Cancer Treatment:

Re-purposing Drugs to Fight Cancer:

Researchers have discovered that several drugs have more than one purpose. Medications for diabetes, inflammation, and alcoholism have been shown to kill cancer cells in the lab. Here’s the story from the Good News Network

Newly Discovered Immune Cell Kills Most Cancers:

British scientists were analyzing blood to find bacteria fighters when they “accidentally” discovered new type of T-cell that kills most cancer cells. You can read more in this article from The Telegraph.

New Police Officer Gets a Surprise Visit

At the age of 42, Erika Benning, an immigrant from Honduras, achieved her dream to become a police officer. But there’s more! Her son who has been stationed overseas for two years showed up for his mom’s ceremony. Enjoy the video!

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Good News Tuesday: Dogs in Homeless Shelter, Indigenous Victory, Coding Prisoners, and a Good Deed

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Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Homeless Shelter in Glasgow to allow Dogs

The Glasgow City Mission in Scotland is partnering with Dogs Trust to supply items such as food, bedding and treats so that guests can keep their dogs with them.  Part of the decision involves the understanding that dogs (and other pets) can provide great comfort to people suffering from trauma.    This BBC Article provides details.

” We recognise the importance of dogs to some of our guests and want to ensure that those who own a dog will be able to get a good night’s sleep in the shelter knowing their dog is comfortable and warm beside them.”       Today News US video


Peruvian Indigenous Group Wins Suit to Block Oil Exploration

Peru’s Ministry of Energy and Mines and Perupetro had planned to develop oil zones within a national park, home to indigenous groups. But a Peruvian judge ruled in favor of protecting the region located in the northern Amazon.  Here’s more on the story.


Prisoners Learn Coding for Better Job Prospects

The Last Mile is a program started in a California prison that teaches prisoners coding to improve their chances of getting a job after their release. It just makes sense to teach practical skills to improve employability. Here’s the story from WTXL which I found on the Good News Network.

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