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Good News Tuesday for July 26, 2022: Agreement to Resume Ukraine’s Grain Exports, Botswana’s Progress in Reducing HIV Transmission, India Bans Single Use Plastic Items, and “Rowdy” Cat Caught in Airport after Three Weeks

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Russia and Ukraine Sign Agreement to Resume Ukraine’s Grain Exports

Ukraine and Russia have signed an agreement for Ukraine to resume grain exports. Though the agreement was signed in separate rooms, it was backed by the United Nations and is the first agreement between the two countries since the Russian government started the war. CNBC has more on this story

Botswana Cuts HIV Transmissions from Mothers to Infants from 40% to Less than 1%

Botswana once had the highest HIV rates in the world, but a national program has reduced their mother to infant transmission of HIV from 40% to below 1%. The program included increased testing for all pregnant women and administering antiretroviral therapy to those who tested positive and to their infants. For details, click this article from the Good News Network.

India has Banned Several Types of Single-Use Plastics

India recently imposed a ban on single-use plastic items including straws, cutlery, ear buds, packaging films, and cigarette packets, as well as other products. CNN has more in this story from Reuters.

Cat who Escaped in Boston Airport for Three Weeks has been Caught

A cat named, “Rowdy,” escaped from her carrier in the Boston airport over three weeks ago. After a “massive search” Rowdy finally allowed herself to be safely trapped. Here’s more from HuffPost. and Here’s a video:

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Good News Tuesday for Nov. 23, 2021: Protecting Marine Life in the South Pacific, Kitten Therapy at the Retirment Home, Hand Gesture Leads to Rescue, and Overcoming HIV

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15 Million Acres of Protection Added for Marine Life

At the recent climate summit, Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso announced the addition of 15 million acers to protect marine life around the Galápagos Islands along with an underwater superhighway refuge from the Galapagos Islands to Coasta Rica. The additions will help protect endangered migratory animals like scalloped hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, rays, sea turtles, and tuna. Here are details from the Good News Network.

Kitten Therapy at the Retirement Home

An SPCA foster caregiver who works at a retirement home in California brought a box of tiny foster kittens to to her office one day. Take a look at what happened when the word got out, in this article from the Washington Post.

Kidnapped Teen Rescued After Showing the Hand Gesture for Help

Overcoming HIV

A 30-year-old woman in Argentia has become the second known person in the world whose immune system has overcome HIV. You can learn more from the Good News Network article which includes this video:

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Good News Tuesday: HIV Cure? Nursing Home Visitor, A Helpful Professor, Parents at the Border, and Heroic Teens

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Seeking balance one Tuesday at a time.

Hope for People with HIV

(Source: NY Times)

Twelve years to the day that Mr. Brown was reported cured of HIV, a second patient known as, “The London Patient,” has been virus free for over a year after stopping his anti – HIV drugs in September of 2017.  Scientists had tried for 12 years to replicate Mr. Brown’s hard won success, but the virus always “came roaring back” in other patients, until now.

Both milestones involved complicated procedures with bone-marrow transplants intended to treat cancer in the patients, not H.I.V.” Publicly, the scientists are calling this a remission, but the headline says “cure.” Anything is possible.

You can learn more about Mr. Brown and the London patient in this article from The New York Times.

Three wishes for Nursing Home Residents

While going to nursing homes with her mom who’s a nurse, Ruby started visiting residents and asking them the question, If you could have three things, what would they be? The answers have been surprisingly simple, like fresh fruit. Ruby has a gofundme page to help her fulfill some of the residents wishes and delivers the goods with loving care.


I Found Something Good on Facebook!

(From “Images You Won’t See on TV” and on twitter)

Teacher holds baby for student

Parents Return to the US Hoping to Reunite with their Children

“This is a huge victory for these families, but this fight isn’t over until they’re reunited with their kids,” said lawyer Erika Pinheiro.

This story is not all good news. But it shows progress, courage, and the perseverance of 29 parents trying to reunite with children who were taken from them at the US/Mexico border. On Saturday, the families “along with a team of lawyers and volunteers, hugged and cried as they officially entered the United States.”

You can read more about the personal stories in this article from Good Morning America

Teens Save Boy Dangling from Ski Lift

Enjoy this short video from NBC news about a group of teens who think fast to help someone in trouble.

My cup runneth over today! It’s even snowing here on the Carolina Coast – a rare event.

snow in March (2)

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Good News Tuesday: The Recovered Ring, 2 Companies Helping the Planet & a Decrease in HIV Positive Babies

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Police Find Engagement Ring in the Sewer

Daniella said yes! But the engagement ring slipped off her finger and fell down into the NYC sewer grate.  Daniella and John returned home to England, but officers of the NYPD found the ring! Then they found John and Daniella.



Two Big Companies Are Stepping Up to Help Planet Earth

The furniture company, Ikea wants to help stop air pollution in India. Currently, farmers  are burning rice straw increasing air pollution. Nikea plans to make this straw into products, starting with decorations and paper boxes, that may be sold in India. You can read more in this article and watch the following video. Thank you, Ikea!




The clothing company, Patagonia, is donating 10 million dollars from it’s tax cut to environmental groups. This comes after the fourth US National Climate Assessment, a  federal report,  tells us that climate change is serious and we need to make big changes. Way to go, Patagonia!


Big Decrease in the HIV Positive Babies

HIV babies decrease Goodnews

This came from my Goodnewletter with the Goodnewspaper. I don’t know if this is world-wide and didn’t find a recent story, but wanted to pass on a little more hope. Here’s one article about a drop in the number of babies born with HIV. 

You can find the Good Newspaper at

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