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Good News Tuesday for May 25th, 2021: Cancer Killing Compounds, Reducing Damage from Natural Disasters, Arts Education, and a Hero Cop

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Scientists Discover Cancer Killing Compounds

Oregon university scientists discovered “a new class of anti-cancer compounds that effectively kill liver and breast cancer cells.” The scientists focused on specific types of cancer that are hard to treat. Read more on the research here.

President Biden Doubles Funding to Mitigate Natural Disasters

US President Joe Biden announced that his administration is doubling the amount of money the government spends “to mitigate natural disasters before they hit, along with developing a new climate data effort at NASA.” Good Morning America reports that $1 billion will go to FEMA’s Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) program.

Including the Arts for Better Outcomes in Education

New studies from the Universities in the UK propose that students be taught arts and sciences together “…around real-world problems, and in a manner rooted in pupils’ lived experiences.” The movement seeks to add the ‘A’ of arts back into STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) turning STEM into STEAM. I found this to be an interesting article from the Good News Network.

Deputy Saves Woman By Lifting Car

Deputy sheriff, J. Holt, from Virginia lifted an SUV off of a woman saving her life. This happened three months after he saved two people from a burning house. You can read more from CNN, and watch the video below. Watch till the very end for extra good news.

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Good News Tuesday for April 27, 2021: Earth Restoring Conservation, Paying it Forward Hero Highlight, Sneakers on the Red Carpet, and Samurai Trash Collectors

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

This post turned out longer than I expected with the extra videos, but I hope you will at least watch the last one about the trash collectors.

Conservation Projects Working to Restore the Earth

CNN brings us nine conservation projects working to restore the earth. Click here for photos and project summaries.

The Pay it Forward Effect and a Hero Highlight

I just found “The Pay it Forward Effect” on Facebook. They also have a website: The Pay it Forward Effect where you can read about the organization and the cards they send you to encourage others to pay it forward. Some of the stories on the FB page are the one where a mom pays for someone’s birthday cake every year on her deceased son’s birthday. the one where the retired math teacher helps a dad on the subway trying to relearn fractions to help his son with homework, and a story from seven months ago about teenager Justin Gavin who rescued a family from a burning car. (See below.)

I know Justin got more than a “special coin.” He got to be on the Drew Barrymore Show where he received a proclamation and some surprises. You watch that happen here:

The Oscars: Women Making History

Chloe Zhao became the first woman of color to win the award for best director for Nomadland which also won best picture. Many other women won awards, but I had to mention Chloe Zhao, because I love that she wore sneakers on the red carpet and didn’t conform to the typical glam standards. You can read more here.

Japan’s Trash Collecting Samurai

Street performers in Tokyo have fun picking up trash and entertaining, but they are also serious and caring young people. Learn more about this “new generation of samurai,” and their inspiring teacher, in this subtitled video.

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Mr. Rogers: Recognizing A Different Kind of Hero

He always was a hero. Now, people are recognizing  that we need more heroes like Fred Rogers. If anybody deserves his own stamp, it’s him.

Fred Rogers was a champion for children’s television and wrote the music for his TV show, Mr Roger’s Neighborhood. He was also an ordained minister and obtained a pilot’s license while still in high school.[8]  Some other things I learned about him from Wikipedia are that he was “red-green color blind,” swam every day, and he was a vegetarian on ethical grounds.

 AND they’re making a  movie about him starring Tom Hanks!


In the following video, Fred Rogers is testifying in the 1969 Senate Hearing on behalf of public funding for children’s television.

Here’s an excerpt:

“If we… can make it clear that feelings are mentionable and manageable we will have done a great service for mental health. I think that it’s much more dramatic that two men could be working out their feelings of anger, much more dramatic than showing something of gunfire. I’m constantly concerned about what our children are seeing.”    ___ Mr. Fred Rogers


 That’s my good news offering for today.

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A Complementary Husband


Today’s Stream of Consciousness post helps us remember the difference between the words: compliment and complement. I checked my understanding with Grammar Girl:, and was pleased my understanding was correct (this time.) The nifty reminder, I like to give compliments, is full of the letter i.

I get a lot of compliments about my husband: He’s handsome, he’s nice, he’s helpful…. Most of the time I’m proud of him when I hear these things. It’s good to get reminders, because after you’ve been married for a couple years, you get to see where the imperfections really are. He doesn’t have many imperfections, and best of all, he is aware of them, and works on them. Like I work on my imperfections, at least the ones I want to work on. My husband works on the imperfections I want him to work on. That doesn’t sound good, but it IS good, really. And it’s okay to not be perfect. I know that. I really do.

But back to the compliments. I confess that sometimes when I hear what a great guy my husband is, I get just a little bit concerned, not worried, just concerned, that he might appear too desirable. This only  concerns me a little, for a brief second, because I know what a good man he is, and that God would not have brought us back together after all these years, to hurt either one of us. God knew we were ready to walk together and work together on our issues.

We have enough in common to be compatible: we both love dogs, we’re both responsible, and we both gravitated toward the hero role in response to our different family of origin dysfunctions. (He’s a retired fire fighter/EMT; I’m an almost retired substance abuse counselor.) We both grew up with fathers in the military. We both like garlic, which is way better than only one of us liking garlic.

We complement each other. To me, that means we fit well together, but we also have different strengths that each of us sometimes lacks. My husband is practical, good with numbers, and tends to work too hard. He’s a morning person. He’s a bit of an extrovert, but thank God he knows how to listen and does not talk constantly. I’m good at singing, and art, and patience. I tend to be an introvert. I enjoy an occasional nap. I am not a morning person. I really appreciate my husband making oatmeal with fruit every morning. There must be something he appreciates me doing late at night. Oh, I let the dogs out late sometimes, and make sure the front door is locked.

If you’d like to read a little more about my high school sweetheart finding me again, see, “About Me,” and some day, we’ll publish the memoir we’re working on, so you can read the whole story. 🙂

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