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Saint Nicholas, a Hero After God’s Own Heart

Saint Nicholas from Pixabay

In his sermon this past Sunday, Rev. Macgill told us about St. Nicholas. He said there are more churches named for  St. Nicholas than for any other person. 

Intrigued, I decided to do a little more research. St. Nicholas was born around 280 AD in Patara, Lycia, an area that is now part of Turkey. His parents died when he was a young man, and he “reportedly used his inheritance to help the poor and sick.” He later begged for donations to help others. Legends say he secretly gave money to families to use as dowries for daughters who would otherwise be sold into servitude.

He was elected as the bishop of Myra, a city that is now called Demre on the coast of Turkey. St. Nicholas lived a life of loving sacrifice and giving, following in the footsteps of Jesus. He died at the age of 34.

Here’s an interview about a documentary on the real St. Nicholas: