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Good News Tuesday for May 4, 2021: Teacher Appreciation Deals, Adaptive Pants, Trash Collecting Sailboat, Good Gardening, and Two Baby Rescues

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Teacher Appreciation Week: Deals, Freebies and Discounts

These restaurants and stores are giving special deals to teachers this week: Sonic Drive In, Buffalo Wild Wings, McAllister’s Deli, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Office Depot, Costco, and SheerID which provides deals to verified teachers, students and first responders. Visit Good Morning America for Details. THANK YOU, TEACHERS!

Adaptive Pants for Amputees

Many of us have never thought about the challenges of putting on a pair of pants with a prosthetic leg. Erica is a successful entrepreneur who has not only thought about it, but experienced it. So she created pants that work much better. Click here to meet Erica.

“The Manta” Sailboat Collects Plastic to Use for Power

A professional yacht racer designed a boat powered by the waste it collects. A conveyor belts (along with shallow nets) collect trash which is sorted and incinerated. Gases from melting plastic are used in a turbine to power the electric motor. Read more about the innovative vessel at the Good News Network.

Gardening and Wellbeing

A study from Britain’s Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) shows a connection between regular gardening and wellbeing. This might not be news to some of us, but it is reinforcement. Here’s more from GNN.

Gentle Husky Finds Baby

Terry Walsh was walking with his dog, Hel, at a Birmingham park in the UK on April 22 when the husky found a baby. Mr. Walsh said he thought it was just a blanket, but Hel ran over and lay next to the baby who then started crying. The dog nudged him gently with her nose. Here’s more: “Gentle giant” husky dog praised for finding abandoned newborn baby in Birmingham park | Central | ITV News

Bystander Jumps off Bridge in to Save Baby after Crash

A man who wants to remain anonymous was rescued with the baby he rescued after jumping off a bridge into a bay in Maryland.

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Inter-faith Dreams and Gardening


The first thing that popped into my head when I read Linda’s post for today (inter) was “Inter-faith.” But then I wanted to go look up inter-  so I could understand the word more. says:

a prefix occurring in loanwords from Latin, where it meant “between,” “among,” “in the midst of,” “mutually,” “reciprocally,” “together,” “during” ( intercept; interest); on this model, used in the formation of…

What if we could sit down at a table and share about our faith and work toward understanding one another? A picnic table would be nice, or a round table, like King Arthur had. What if we just listened to each other and looked for common ground? But accepted the differences too! I know it might not be easy. But it would be interesting. I use that word a lot, interesting. But I like it. It would be interesting if we could be open-minded.

We have strong beliefs about some things, so it’s not always easy. Like yesterday I went to feed my feral cats at church and one of our church members who loves to do landscaping was planting the Easter lilies in the garden. Then he started pulling up these plants that I like with purple flowers on them because they are looking leggy and past their peak. I said I thought they were pretty. We’ve had a similar discussion before. We have different philosophies about gardening. I don’t like to kill anything and therefore have a very natural looking yard. Some people would call it overgrown, and they would think they were being nice in saying that when they think it’s a mess.

Anyway, I wanted to get on a soapbox and only briefly mentioned that I didn’t like to kill things. Then I went into the parish hall to wash the cat dish and I prayed: God help me with this. Help me be…. just help me. When I went back out, I saw that the garden did actually look a little better without the scraggly, leggy purple headed stalks. I took one bunch home and planted it in my overgrown yard, and the rest are going to another church member. I helped my friend clean up a little and told him the garden did look better.

So, we both have strong opinions about gardens, which we shared, and we ended up on good terms. Lots of different kinds of flowers, plants, shrubs, and trees in the world. I’m not crazy about zinnias but my friend is. No particular reason. I love honeysuckle and mimosas, but some people think they’re invasive. I think they’re prolific and beautiful. Sometimes honeysuckle intertwines and takes over. And I do have to cut it back some. For the most part, we can coexist, we can tolerate each other’s beliefs. We can figure out a way to respect each other. Sometimes we compromise, sometimes we don’t.

This is a stream of consciousness post, so I don’t have to have a tidy ending. Tidy is not something I’m into anyway. I much prefer interesting.

I just did some research and found out my leggy flower friends are Tradescantia, aka: spiderwort. They come in purple, blue, pink and white, and they are prolific.

spiderwort from pixabay

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