Anything is Possible!

With Love, Hope, and Perseverance


Positive Reframing

Harlon, at “A Patient Voice” invited me to share my positive re-framing of his list here, and after my morning stream of consciousness, I realized I could use a dose of my own medicine.

So here it is:

Start now, as you remind yourself.

To do things that are good for you.

Take steps, now.

Before a crash that may not come

Before the fall that offers rest

Take things with a grain of salt although it may be hard.

Be your unique and wonderful self, although it’s hard sometimes.

Live free from the trap.

Leave well enough alone. (Let it Be.)

Nurture your spiritual and mental well-being.

Take care and be well.

Walk forward now

For now belongs to you.

I am frequently moved by Harlon’s honesty and his big heart. If you haven’t been to his blog, check it out: