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Good News Tuesday for February 15, 2022: Solar Energy Becoming Cheaper, Senegal Soccer Champion Gives Back, Mother and Child Rescued from Fire, and A Tireless Crocodile

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Solar Energy is Becoming Cheaper than Coal-fired Power Stations

“…the International Renewable Energy Agency… estimates that 61 percent of coal capacity in the United States costs more to operate than building new renewable energy plants…. In India, 70 percent of coal capacity is more expensive to run than building new renewables; in Germany it is 100 percent.” For details, click HERE.

Top Soccer Player in Senegal Gives Back

Senegal won The African Cup on February 6 with top goal-scorer Sadio Mané being named The Player of the Tournament. Mané, has become a major philanthropist: ‘ “Why would I want 10 Ferraris, 20 diamond watches, or 2 planes?” says the man who will become a forever-legend in African football. “I built schools, a stadium, we provide clothes, shoes, food for people who are in extreme poverty. I prefer that my people receive a little of what life has given me.” ‘ The Good News Network has more on this generous man and his team.

Stranger Driving by Saves Mother and Child from House Fire

On his way to work, Ryan Pasborg smelled smoke and saw flames coming from a window. The children who got out told him their mother and 4-year-old brother were still inside. Read about this heroic rescue in The Good News Network.

Crocodile Freed from Six-Year Neck Tire

A crocodile in Indonesia is finally free of the tire around his neck after wearing it for six years. Many people including experts had tried to capture the croc, but a local man named Tili finally succeeded. Here’s the story from CNN/Reuters, and here’s a video:

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Good News Tuesday for Sept. 28, 2021: Saving the Largest Tree in the World, Honest Labeling for Body Image, A Rescued Food Market, Empathy on the Field, and Transforming Beach Trash

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Firefighters are Working to Save the Largest Trees in the World

California firefighters have been working to save the largest tree in the world (and others) from fire. They’ve wrapped the base of the giant sequoia in an aluminum fire-resistant blanket. Saving this great grandparent tree with an extensive underground support network will help the overall well being of the forest if fire does come. I’ll be looking for updates, but for now, here’s an article from NBC news. This article from The Good News Network, seems hopeful and reports that sprinklers are going most of the time. I send deep gratitude and prayers to all firefighters and support teams.

Norway Fights False Body Advertising

Hoping to reduce unrealistic body expectations, Norway has passed a law requiring influencers and advertisers to label their retouched photos. Learn more here.

Pay What You Feel

A “pay what you feel” Rescued Food Market is opening on Oct. 1 in Vancouver. The Good News Network has details.

Empathy on the Field

At a recent high school football game in Iowa, wide receiver Mario Hoefer helped his opponent who was having a leg cramp. Read more about this act of empathy and sportsmanship from Today.

Transforming Beach Trash

Humberto Less collects plastic trash from his Spanish home island and turns the waste into furniture.

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