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SoCS: Angel Wings, Caladiums, Fairies, an Owl, and my Old Dog

Here’s our prompt: “the last photo you took.” Take the last photo you snapped. What’s the first word that comes to mind when you look at it? That word is your prompt. Enjoy!

The last photo I took was…. No wait. What’s the word? It’s a toss up between, Fairy, and What, as in What is the title of this piece of art that I’ve been working on for the past year and a half?

It all started when David was making a cabinet to store more canned goods at the start of COVID. He brought home the door of the cabinet, and I said, “Wait a minute! Look at those angel wings!”

Here’s one section

Unfortunately, it’s a bit heavy, but I couldn’t let it just be a cabinet door. Here are some enhancements below inspired by the wood grain. I was looking at caladiums a lot. Then the owl just showed up.

This was maybe a year ago.

Well, it’s closer to being finished. It might even be finished. I don’t know. And I don’t know what to call it. Tree fairies and friends? Caladium Angels, Fairies and Friends? Any ideas? Here’s where it is now:

What’s the first word that comes to your mind?

I didn’t plan the painting much. Some things just emerged, like my Golden Boy, Jesse who’s in heaven. Maybe he’s hanging out with fairies and owls.

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JusJoJan: Dead of Winter: Journey 1, Forlorn Peak

Linda’s Just Jot January prompt for today is “Specs.” The prompt will take us on a journey of vision.

Young Emlyn is the main character in Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene’s new fantasy series, Dead of Winter. Emlyn sees visions that get her in trouble if she isn’t careful. Her family thinks she is rattlebrained. Emlyn also hears voices and feels “…a light pressure, …. like something was too close . Or as if something crowded her, as if too many things were in one spot.” At one point, she encounters a large white wolf who speaks to her. You can see this wolf on the cover of the first book above.

Our main character lives in a village where men referred to as, “The brethren” or “elders,” have enforced severe restrictions on women including the wearing of plain clothes and limiting their activities to household chores. Emlyn is granted permission to take lessons in reading and numbers so that she can help her father with accounting for his apple orchard. That was generous of the elders considering they think her rattlebrained.

The person who teaches Emlyn is the widow Osabide who was banished from her village a while ago “when the zealots took over.” I have greatly enjoyed the images Teagan creates of Osabide’s cottage at the foot of “Forlorn Peak.” In spite of the peak’s name, the setting and relationship between Emlyn and Osabide give a feeling of comfort and support. This is also true of Osabide’s relationship with her mysterious grown niece, Zasha. I suspect these relationships will provide a strong foundation for the challenges ahead.

Don’t you just love Tegan’s book cover? It reminds me of a photo I took of my grand daughter when we were hiking and met the neighbor’s Great Pyrenees. If I’d thought about it, I would have moved to the left to include the river they’re looking at.

For more information on the first journey in the Dead of Winter series, visit Teagan at:

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Boldly Go and Keep Your Eyes on the Stars, or the Road, Depending on What You’re driving.

Linda Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Prompt for today is, “view.”

I immediately thought of the wonderful views I enjoyed last weekend in the Blue Ridge Mountains which I included in Thursday’s post. The view of the sunset from Beech Mountain was more than I could have ever hoped for.

But I really want to write about Star Trek, because this is the 50th anniversary of the Trek. I’ve written about this before, my love for Star Trek, how it got me through a tough time when my dad was in Vietnam and my mom was having nervous breakdowns, and how my first crush, Mr. Spock gave me stability. He was so dependable, so logical, so tall. (I was 5’7 in 5th grade.)

So I would view Star Trek, in the bedroom shared with my mom and sister as we stayed with friends or relatives that year dad was in Nam, on the little TV. I guess it was little compared to the flat screens most of us have now. I remember the view of the TV screen being about the size of a record album. But my imagination enhanced the show greatly. I had, and have, an excellent imagination. I think that was my way of dealing with challenges, to escape into fantasy. I could imagine myself being rescued by Mr. Spock, maybe wisked into the future to explore strange new worlds, as if I was right there.

Have you ever imagined, fantasized so clearly that you could actually see the scene you were imagining instead of what was really in front of your eyes? DON’T DO THIS WHILE DRIVING! But I have to admit, I’ve done this while driving. Not intentionally, of course. I’ve gone from point A to point B a mile away and not remembered seeing the road. Yet I must have seen the road on some level, even stopped at traffic lights, I hope. It’s pretty amazing when you stop to think about it. I was seeing a movie in my head while my eyes were still watching the road.


If I was at the helm of a star ship, I would drive mindfully. I would not fantasize living in the 21st century in a little house on the coast. Would I? But driving a star ship would definitely be a fantasy, unless they develop much better, long acting motion sickness meds, because, alas, I am notorious for motion sickness. I have to keep my eyes on the view ahead. I can’t read in a car or look at my phone for long, especially on twisty turns, without getting queasy.  Yet, I can watch a movie in my head while driving. DON’T DO THAT! which would indicate my eyes really are watching the road, because I don’t get queasy day dreaming while driving, which I should not be doing at all, so yeah, JUST DON’T.
I won’t be driving a star ship. I could be the ship’s counselor though. 🙂 Just pass the new and improved, Galaxy class Dramamine.

Here’s a scene from one of my favorite episodes, “The Devil in the Dark.” Spock found out that she wasn’t a devil at all. She was just trying to protect her babies. An episode where point of view made all the difference.



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