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Sometimes I put a pot on the floor for one of my pets to help me clean up after dinner. Some people might think that’s gross. Well, I don’t care. I don’t do it all the time, because we have three dogs (we used to have 5) and they can get pretty competitive. The step dogs, the two my husband brought into our marriage, even get into knock down drag out fights.We have to watch them.

Doodle was literally starving when he rescued her, and she’s food aggressive. She’s the first to come into the kitchen when I’m cleaning up and she hears me scraping a pot of sauce or soup into the storage container. She might be the first one to hear this, because at around 8 years old, she’s the youngest of our pack. The other dogs are 14 and 12, so they don’t hear as well as Doodle. But you can bet that if I put down that pot for Doodle to help me clean up, I will soon hear the pitter-patter of dogs nails on the floor sauntering into the kitchen. The only thing that prevents that from happening is if I put on some background noise like the radio, or washing machine, or sing loud, so the other dogs don’t hear. If the other dogs do come in, I have to get them a treat too. A pat on the head won’t do it. Are they spoiled? You bet.

I wonder if the other dogs know when Doodle is getting a treat because they have doggy ESP.  When my husband and I talk quietly about taking the dogs for a you know what, without saying the W word, they start to pay closer attention. If one of them sees me go into the bedroom to put on my sneakers, her ears perk up and she watches me closely. Then one of the other dogs, who didn’t even see me go in my room, and who was sound asleep when my husband and I started talking about the you know what, comes in to where the excited dog is. We don’t even have to touch the leashes, and it’s like they can sense us thinking about going for a walk.  Then they start dancing and prancing around with infectious excitement, and they all get worked up into a minor frenzy.

Dogs are really good at noticing things that precede eating and going for a walk. They don’t have so much clutter to distract their minds from the important things in life.

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