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Good News Tuesday for July 20, 2021: Saying No to Oil, Fixing Old Cars, and A Girl and Her Dog

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Saying No to Oil

A major Oil Company in India and the country of Greenland have decided stop looking for oil and plan to invest more in renewable Energy.

“The age of fossil fuels, which powered economic growth globally for nearly three centuries, cannot continue much longer. The huge quantities of carbon it has emitted into the environment have endangered life on Earth.”

Mukesh Ambani Chairman of Reliance Industries

The Good News Network brings us details on this story.

Doing What He Can

Restaurant owner Eliot Middleton of South Carolina is also a trained mechanic. He rehabs old cars and gave 32 cars to rural families where there is no public transportation, no taxis and no Uber. Then CBS did a story about him, and the donations are pouring in.

A Girl and Her Dog

Bella was born with morquio syndrome, a rare genetic condition that causes a person’s muscles progressively waste away, along with other painful health issues. Watch what a difference a Great Dane named George has made in her life. “Before George, Bella’s leg muscles were quickly deteriorating, but her family says after six months with him, her legs were strong enough to hold her own weight. “

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Good News Tuesday: The Recovered Ring, 2 Companies Helping the Planet & a Decrease in HIV Positive Babies

Sunflower w address

Police Find Engagement Ring in the Sewer

Daniella said yes! But the engagement ring slipped off her finger and fell down into the NYC sewer grate.  Daniella and John returned home to England, but officers of the NYPD found the ring! Then they found John and Daniella.



Two Big Companies Are Stepping Up to Help Planet Earth

The furniture company, Ikea wants to help stop air pollution in India. Currently, farmers  are burning rice straw increasing air pollution. Nikea plans to make this straw into products, starting with decorations and paper boxes, that may be sold in India. You can read more in this article and watch the following video. Thank you, Ikea!




The clothing company, Patagonia, is donating 10 million dollars from it’s tax cut to environmental groups. This comes after the fourth US National Climate Assessment, a  federal report,  tells us that climate change is serious and we need to make big changes. Way to go, Patagonia!


Big Decrease in the HIV Positive Babies

HIV babies decrease Goodnews

This came from my Goodnewletter with the Goodnewspaper. I don’t know if this is world-wide and didn’t find a recent story, but wanted to pass on a little more hope. Here’s one article about a drop in the number of babies born with HIV. 

You can find the Good Newspaper at

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Thank God I Don’t Have to Work in an Office Anymore.

SOC winner 2017

Today’s Stream of Consciousness prompt is, “mon.”

Monday, Monday. Maybe I’ll find the old song that starts like that later. I’m so thankful I don’t have to go to a job on Monday. Monday is my husband’s day off from the mission thrift store. Most thrift stores are closed on Monday because they are open Saturdays. So I try to save Mondays for him and an occasional honey-do prompt. When he retires, the honey-dos will be on a list, clearly posted for his our convenience. I don’t really need a list for this cause it’s always in my head. For some reason, I think women tend to have easy access to that list in our heads. It’s always there.  

It’s baffling how busy I am since I “retired” from my job. “Mon” makes me think of moan. And I do want to stop moaning about that and be grateful. I just have to prioritize the things that give me soul energy, even if they drain me physically. Like Saturday (today for you, but I”m writing this Friday because I have an abundance of things to do on Saturday). Okay, today I want to go help clean up the creek down the road. If I get there early enough, I can get a kayak that the organization brings. But if I don’t get there in time for a kayak, I’ll be happy to walk along the banks to pick up trash.

Egret at BM creek

In this neighborhood creek, I’ve seen beaver, egrets, lots of turtles, and an alligator. Volunteering for the environment feeds my soul.

Then in the afternoon, I’m going to a “Stop the Violence” peace rally representing “Grandmother’s for Peace.”

grandmothers for peace (2)

Our head grandmother sent out a text saying they needed face painters at the rally. I said I could do an hour. I’ve never actually done face painting in any official capacity. Maybe I should practice, but don’t know if I have time. I did look up Black Panther and wish I’d seen the move. Interesting face designs with simple dots.


I know Shuri doesn’t look very peaceful here, but in the movie clips I’ve watched, she is very smart and funny and seems like a nice young lady.  Maybe I can add a peace sign.

I can paint hearts, flowers, and probably some butterflies. I know how to paint stuff. And it’s only for an hour, so it’s okay.  Then I’ll be off to my Saturday support group.

I hope to rest Sunday afternoon for my ritual after church nap. Maybe I’ll go to the beach on Monday with my sweetheart.

I will not get back here much until Saturday night, so thanks for your patience! I hope your Saturday is exactly what you’d like it to be.

Here’s that Monday, Monday song.

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