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Dream Message

morning drive rays of light (2)

I had a dream about the daughter of my former colleague. RT was the most compassionate and best-loved counselor I’ve ever known. She always made time for clients who needed her in spite of the mountains of paperwork piling up, in spite of the extra hours of overtime, in spite of commendations that we “worked tirelessly,” yet we got plenty tired.

My colleague came down with cancer while serving in the trenches,  helping others fight the monster of addiction. For many months, she continued to work her heart out. But there came a time when the physical pain was too much. She put up a brave fight, but she had to go home. RT died a couple of years ago.

Now, to the dream I had two weeks ago:

I was at a community event organized by RT’s daughter who I’ll call B.  I saw my former colleague in the background, beaming her proud mama smile at her daughter from across the room. Later, I went up to B, gave her a big hug, and handed her a package of disposable razors. 

After I woke up, I debated about whether I should tell B about the dream. I’ve run into her around town, and we are friends on Facebook. But why would I give her razors?

In spite of the weirdness, I sent B a Facebook message about the dream.  She responded with excitement because she’s in the process of organizing a community event in memory of her mother. She said she knows her mother is happy. And she told me she keeps forgetting to buy razors.

I think I’m supposed to help B with this event. We’re planning to meet later today.

I can still see her mama’s big, beautiful smile.


Believe In Your Dreams

“When your belief in you and your dream is greater than your belief in other people’s opinions, you will have mastered your life.”    __Johnna Parr


I use this quote by Johanna Parr in my upcoming book, Trust the Timing.

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When Dreams Fade


This is my offering for the collaborative at Forgotten Meadows inspired by the prompt:

“When Dreams Fade Away.”

(The photo was taken by my friend Caroline in 1972.)

When Dreams Fade, By JoAnne Silvia

When you left me

all those years ago

against your will

and surely against mine,

the dreams in my young heart

faded slowly

into mere echos

of another lifetime.

Four decades later,

after years of doubt

and darkness,

a speck of dream


asleep so deep

it barely breathed.

When the time came

that you found me again,

and you kissed me

by the river at sunset,

and I smelled your neck

just below your ear,

the dream awakened.

Sparks flew because we knew

the dream was more than just alive

and more than just a dream.

© JoAnne Silvia, 2016


You’re Never Too Old


Today’s Stream of Consciousness prompt is, “your/you’re/yore.” Linda Hill, our promptress, directed us to use one, or use them all and to enjoy! I don’t know how many I’ll use. The first thing that popped into my head was a quote by C.S.Lewis that starts out, “You’re never too old….” But I didn’t remember it all, so I looked it up. That’s what the stream of consciousness told me to do, so here it is:

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis, who wrote about the days of yore, or the days of Narnia, that feel like the days of yore. “You are…” is what he wrote. So, I remembered the gist of the message, and it gives me hope. Like Narnia. You’re never too old to imagine Narnia, to imagine talking lions and courageous little animals.

You’re never too old to take a piece of your dream from the days of yore and bring it to life, even if you thought it was dead.

You’re never too old to dance! I love the videos of 90 something year old ladies dancing!

I better start practicing!

You’re never too old to sing a new song, or start a new adventure, even if that adventure is tasting a new food you never tried before. It was just a few years ago that I tried pomegranate seeds for the first time. Now I can’t wait for them to come back in season.

You’re never too old to meditate, or smile in your heart, or be silly. I look forward to being silly as I get old. I’ve spent much of my adult life being serious, with the silly moments few and far between. Being silly is something really old people can get away with. Of course, what is really old gets older all the time. I guess you would be really old if you lived back in the days of yore. Back before they had computers. Hey, that would be me. I better start dancing!

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Stepping Stones

foggy pier

Many years ago, in my 20s, I had this dream that I was driving down a narrow road through the woods. I knew water ran beside me -maybe a river – beyond the trees. The road curved to the right as it led out of the woods and disappeared into a large body of water, as if there had been a flood. I found that I was on a tiny peninsula. I stopped the car and got out. Fog enveloped me so that I could only see a few feet in any direction. The water appeared calm and milky. I didn’t want to go back, but I felt unsure, because I couldn’t see the path. I didn’t know how narrow the path was, or how deep the water was on each side of the path. Even if I could have seen the path, I didn’t know where it would take me.

Something must have told me to step forward, out into the water. As I lifted my right foot and moved it forward over the water, a flat, circular stone rose up out of the water directly under my foot. I stepped onto the stone, first with one foot, then the other. Then, I tried it again. As I moved my left foot forward, another grey stepping stone rose out of the pale water, and I stepped on it.

I don’t know what happened after that. Perhaps the lesson was done. As I remember that long ago dream, I remember the lesson that has been presented to me over and over in various ways – that sometimes we have to take  steps in faith. Over the years, my steps, divinely guided when I paid attention, have readied me for a gift of love I could not have imagined. Now it is time to trust that love and that the stepping stones will rise to support me as I prepare to move into a new direction.

In three months, I will make a major change in my life. It’s a little scary, but exciting. It is a change that I believe will improve my mental, emotional and physical health. It will allow more time for creative work, more freedom, and more authenticity for my soul.

The road ahead is becoming clear. I can see it, now. And I know the stepping stones will be there if I need them.

It’s interesting that my daughter is also preparing for a major change in her life that will take her body about three hundred miles away from me. I know it’s not that far, but it’s hard to fully realize that at 22 years of age, my once upon a time baby girl is now a grown woman. It’s a little scary-for me.

I will have faith that the stepping stones will be there for her, too.


(Photos from


Strange Sunday Afternoon Dream

The barriers in the sky appeared as old carousel horses carrying mechanical knights unfurling a line of wire, seemingly flimsy, but their sting was deadly.

The further people got from the earth, the more insane everything became.  The smiley face, projected on the clouds, was a lie. Things were not A-Okay at home.

As our ship descended toward the mountains, searching for a place to land, we ran into snow. We saw dogs, probably the offspring of former sled dogs, near the old landing plateau. They danced around a large figure. Who, or what could it be? We couldn’t tell through the snow.

The figure plodded through the snow, looking for something. As we got closer, we could see that it was not human. The shaggy hair covering it’s body suggested a bear, but it was more upright. I remembered my grandmother telling me a myth about an ape that lived in the mountains.

The dogs did not seem aggressive. They acted like the beast was a friend, like they wanted to play.

The pilot hesitated to land, but we had to go somewhere. I wanted to find out who lived up here in the mountains. Maybe they could help.

(This comes from a dream I had during a Sunday afternoon nap. It belongs to me. Maybe I’ll do something with it. Who knows.)