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Dream On

Belive in Your dreams

Today’s SoCS prompt is “dream.”

Feed your dreams. The good ones. Not the nightmares. Don’t feed them.

I’ve been a dreamer for as long as I can remember. Sometimes too much so. But I’ve learned to put work into the dreams that are goals. One step at a time.

For this post, I’m using the word, dream, as it relates to goals, though the dreams we have when asleep can be interesting and meaningful, too.

I dreamed of a partner who would be a good fit, someone compatible. That was after the divorce and after the rebound from hell, after I got over my cynicism where I tried to not want a man because they could not be trusted.

My father could be trusted. Maybe I put him on a pedestal. He is partly responsible for me being a dreamer with his proclamation that, “Nothing is Impossible.”

So I imagined a compatible partner, made collages including him, and wrote lists of his characteristics.  It worked! (except for the list item that said “if he snores it’s only a little so I don’t notice.” That one didn’t manifest, yet.)  We don’t always get everything we want, but believing in our dreams helps.  Plus we have to work on ourselves in the meantime We have to work on becoming ready for our dreams to come true. Becoming the best we can be without expecting perfection. Because perfection is a dirty word. Nobody’s perfect.

“Perfection is the enemy of progress.” — Winston Churchill

Baby steps are okay, because they add up. But we can’t just dream. We gotta take steps. So dream on and keep taking steps.

Dream on til your dream comes true.

Listen to these girls harmonize! I think they’re pretty amazing.

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