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Good News Tuesday for April 13, 2021: Empathy Training for Parole Officers Reduces Recidivism, Doing the Right Thing, and stories about GIRL POWER.

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Empathy Training for Parole and Probation Officers Reduces Recidivism by 13%

A recent study at the University of California provided Parole and probation officers with empathy training which included material to examine bias and what makes their job meaningful. In the next ten months, there was a13% reduction in recidivism in those being supervised by the officers who took the training. An interesting find of the study was that officers attitudes did not change immediately but did change over time. Details of the study are offered by The Academic Times.

Doing the Right Thing

A goodwill employee found 42,000 among the donated sweaters. Read about how she decided to do the right thing in this article from Good Morning America.

Eight-Year-Old Donates Most of the Money from Record Breaking Cookie Sales

Lilly’s Bumpus broke the record for selling girl scout cookies with a total of 32,484 boxes sold in all fifty states and around the world. She sold cookies on line and set up a curbside sales at her home. Lily is a cancer survivor and is donating most of the money from cookie sales to childhood cancer research and to a group that feeds the homeless in Los Angeles. Over 5,200 donated boxes of cookies will be going to hospitals. Read more about Lily and her work here in the San Bernardino Sun.

Nine-Year-Old Creates Network to Help the Vulnerable with Shopping

Hana Fatima started the Good Neighbor Project one year ago during the start of the pandemic after seeing an elderly woman struggling with grocery shopping. Since then the army of “6,000 volunteers from a host of diverse backgrounds, speaking more than 30 languages,” has made over 9000 deliveries with chapters in Toronto, London and Ottawa. CBC has the inspiring story But be sure to watch this video to meet Hana.

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Good News Tuesday: Gratitude, Himalayan View, Privacy for Pandas, Compassionate Landlords, and a Grateful Recovery from COVID 19

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Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Thank You to Neighbors Around the World

China is donating 1000 ventilators to New York.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo shared (earlier this month) that China is facilitating the shipment of 1,000 ventilators to his state, as he continues to shop for more of the lifesaving devices ahead of a growing number of coronavirus patients who will need them.  (PBS)

Here’ the China story from PBS

(Thank you also to the US state of Oregon for donating 140 ventilators to New York.)

Vietnam is shipping 450,000 protective suits to the US for health care workers and has donated 550,000 masks to five European countries.

Bill Gates, Tyler Perry, and so many others are donating money to help fight COVID-19. George Clooney and his wife are donating $1 million. Hilton and American Express are donating up to on million rooms to front line medical professionals.

The list goes on and on. THANK YOU!


Himalayan mountains from India via pixababy

Image of Himalayan Mountains from Pixabay

Himalayan Mountains Visible for the First Time in 30 Years

From as far away as 200 kilometers (124 miles) photographers are taking beautiful pictures of the Himalayas. All over the world pollution is decreasing dramatically. The earth can breathe easier. Are we learning yet? I say, “we,” because I’ve contributed to air pollution. At the very least, I can still make fewer trips to the store when restrictions are eased. You can read more about how the air is getting cleaner in the following article from The Good News Network.


Giant Pandas Appreciate Privacy

In another story from the Good News Network: After 13 years, Giant Pandas in the Hong Kong Zoo, have finally mated during the zoo closing.

Landlords of Compassion

The following article reports on landlords who have cancelled rent. David Placek of New Jersey cancelled rent on his 12 properties for the months of April, May, and June. A landlord in Brooklyn, New York cancelled April rent across his 18 residential buildings, and a landlord in Maine said he’d cancel rent for April. I bet there are more. Feel free to give a shout out if you know a landlord or other business owner cancelling rent or fees. Click here for details. 


A Message of Gratitude and Hope

Christina Paz is a mother of five. After 15 days in a New York hospital she recovered from COVID 19 to be reunited with her husband and children. The viral video of her leaving the hospital is at the end of this post. Please listen to her message of gratitude and hope which you can find in first video in this story from Good Morning America:



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