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SoCS: Not So Hairy Times, Bald Armpits, and a Donation Rush


Today’s SoCS prompt is, “hairy.” I’m typing on my little phone since my laptop will only tell me it needs a new cooling fan. We ordered one and will take it to Staples for inserting when the fan gets here. So this post might be short,  and I’ll likely be slow in responding. Maybe this is God’s way of keeping me from spending so much time on the internet.

I just had to take a breath. It took a long time to type that first paragraph. My laptop will be appreciated when it comes out of hibernation.

But back to the prompt!

“Give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair….” Can I post a link to the musical on my phone? I’ll come back to that.

This could be a hairy time, having to move “everything” out of my house for the re-wiring. Thank you to Joey at Joeyfully Stated for the encouragement to not think too hard about it and that thinking about it is usually more hairy than doing it. We were also discussing hair over there as in women having to shave legs. Sometimes I think that’s a conspiracy like high heels, but let’s not go there. One good thing about menopause is that I don’t have to shave under my arms (my armpits have gone bald) and I rarely care about shaving my legs. I do need to keep an eye on facial hair though which is weird. TMI? Too bad. It’s SoCS.

Something not obviously related but that makes the whole de-cluttering thing less hairy is that I’m really getting into donating stuff now that I’m DONE with estate sales. I got a big rush after taking a big load of stuff to the thrift store that benefits survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. It was a giggly, high-five to myself rush. I got a little rush donating a smaller load a couple days later. This could get addicting – the donating- not the typing on my little phone. My hand hurts and I need to take a break.

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De-Cluttering for Christmas (Keeping Music, Candlelight, and Jesus)


Today’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is…. “musical.”

The first thing that popped into my head was the musical, The Sound of Music. I learned to sing listening to that vinyl record album. Funny that I don’t have a copy of it now. But I hope to watch it on Christmas or around Christmas time. Seems it comes on one Sunday night around Christmas time.

I think know we’ll be in the house that was my parents’ for Christmas and who knows for how long since we have to get the regular house re-wired. Yesterday, my husband informed me that the electricians want everything out of the Wilmington house. Everything? I kept asking that, being overwhelmed to the point of almost tears. I keep telling myself I’m thankful to have the house that was my parents’ to stay in. Many people don’t even have a house.  I don’t want to whine. But I share this to also share my coping strategies. One step at a time. If I think about moving everything – knickknacks, art supplies, papers, books, and random objects saved for some art project some day…..  that’s too overwhelming. But David and I talked about our strategy, and I can just take it one step at a time. We’ll move some things here and rent a storage space. Can you believe the PODS people wanted $400! No way! I’m thankful David has a truck. Plus, I have been saying I want to de-clutter the Wilmington house. Be careful what you say you want. Now there’s going to be some big de-cluttering going on. It’s my life. But not really. There’s Christmas.

I don’t want that big old tree anymore. It can be recycled. I don’t think we’ll have a tree this year, but I want music. The sound of music. Christmas songs. I’ll sing them at church and to myself if I want. I was just singing “The Sound of Music” right before I started writing this. And candles. I LOVE candlelight, especially at Christmas. So I’m going to make some candle arrangements with an advent wreath and all sorts of other candles and watch a Christmas movie. It’s a Wonderful Life, maybe. That is enough.

Maybe I’ll even become a minimalist. I’m already there as far as buying presents. Everybody gets one of my mom’s angels or my dad’s ties this year. We never really have been much into buying Christmas presents. I think it was yesterday afternoon, just an hour or two after I heard we were going to have to move “everything” (well, I’m not moving the stuff in the closets. That’s ridiculous) that I heard John Lennon’s “Imagine” come on the radio. “Imagine no possessions,” rang out loud and clear. I’m still going to have plenty of possessions, but imagining no possessions kinda puts things in perspective. It goes back to the old, Christmas is not something you buy in a store. Christmas perhaps means a little bit more. Or a lot more. For me, it means singing Christmas songs and lighting candles and celebrating Jesus. Thank you, Jesus.

“Every who down in whoville, the tall and the small, was singing, without any presents at all.”


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