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Good News Tuesday for Nov. 17, 2020: A COVID Recovery Story, Roaming Rhinos, Muslim Men Guard a Catholic Cathedral, and A Very Special Ironman

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Mom returns home after 100 days of battling COVID-19 

Soon after giving birth, Reyna Lopez tested positive for COVID-19. After more than 100 days in the hospital where she had to be sedated for much of that time, Reyna is finally home with her family. Here’s the rest of the story from Good Morning America

How the San Antonio Zoo Increased Habitat

 “What if we just leave those doors open and allow the animals on each side to roam back and forth?” Tim Morrow as new CEO of the San Antonio Zoo.

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need zoos. In an idea world, all animals would have plenty of natural habitat. Still, I commend zoos where they try to increase natural habitat. That’s what happened recently at the San Antonio zoo which created a “savanna crossing” between habitats. I found this at J-Dubs Grin and Bear it. You can read more and see a video of rhinos exploring their new space and neighbors in this article.

Group of Muslim Men Guard Notre-Dame Basilica After Attack

After a deadly attack on the Notre-Dame Basilica in Nice last month, a group of French Muslims coordinated with police to help guard the catholic church for all-saints weekend. They plan to do the same for Christmas mass. Here’s more of the story from The Good News Network.

First Ironman with Down Syndrome

Chris Nikic didn’t walk until he was four years old. “But, for Nikic, who has Down syndrome, anything is possible.” Earlier this month, he completed the 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and 26.2-mile run known as the Ironman triathlon with 14 minutes to spare. Here’s the rest of the story from Good Morning America and here’s the video showing Chris and his guide on all three parts of the triathlon.

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Good News Tuesday (Early Edition): Drop in Premature Births, Regaining Native Land, Through Sickness and Health, and Finding Mama Bear

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Since my area is currently under a hurricane warning, I’ve decided to post GNT early in case we lose electricity overnight. Notice I use the word electricity. If we lose electricity, we will still have power, just no lights, TV, internet, or AC, maybe for a while since my neighborhood seems to be low priority on the reconnect list. Maybe I’ll finally get back to playing my guitar. Or maybe Isaias will calm down and we will keep electricity. That would be good news.

Anyway, here’s some good news that’s already happened:

Recent Drop in Premature Births

Since Lockdown, many countries have noticed a significant decrease in premature births. This has been particularly dramatic in Ireland and Denmark where doctors independently noticed the change and started crunching the numbers. Here are some interesting details from The New York Times.

Regaining Native Land

I’ve found a new source for good news: “The Good Stuff” from CNN. Here’s one of their stories about the Esselen Tribe of northern California who, after 250 years, have finally regained their ancestral land.

Through Sickness and Health

Between the two of them, Janice and Robert Beecham have recovered from strokes, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and COVID-19. They were recently able to celebrate their 46th wedding anniversary. Here’s their inspiring story from The Good News Network.

Keepsake Teddy Bear Recovered

Mara Soriano was in the process of moving when someone stole her very special teddy bear containing a recording of her late mother’s voice. After reaching out to her community in British Columbia, a good Samaritan found “Mama Bear,” and returned her to Mara.

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