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Are You Going to Eat That?

Dave and Doodle on sugar loaf (2)

You stopped eating! That means you’re done. My turn!

I’m not done eating, Doodle.  I’m looking at the computer.

But you stopped! You must be full. I’m starving. Give me the rest!

People don’t eat like dogs. We take our time.

Maybe that’s because you never been starving. I thought I was going to die in the before time.

You’re okay now, Doodle. David says you’re getting fat.

Bowooooo!  No way! Are you going to eat that or not?

I’m still eating. Be patient.

You’re staring at that thing like there’s food in there. You’re gonna save me some right? You have to. That’s the deal.

I’ll save you some Doodle. I always do.

Because I’m a good dog.

Yeah, right. Okay.

Save me all of it. And let me lick the bowl.

Just a minute. See, I’m eating.

Well, why are you taking so long? Just give me a bite.

You know you’re not supposed to eat from the table. I’m almost done.

Don’t let Mary have any. I’m the best dog. See, I’m in my room. I’m waiting.

Marigold’s sleeping. I guess you can have the rest in your room.

In my room! Yes! See, I”m sitting. I’m good!

Okay, Doodle, here you go. Clean it up good.

Yes! Yes!


My step dog, Doodle, was rescued from the streets of starvation nine years ago by my husband David. When she watches me eat, her eyes shift back and forth from my food to my face. She does the same thing looking at the dog biscuits on top of the refrigerator when she thinks it’s time for a “cookie.” (Yes, I know she’s spoiled.) She loves people, but being obsessed with food, she is competitive with other dogs. Her coon hound baying is so loud, it can even wake up Marigold the mutt who is 16 and practically deaf.

If you like dogs, you’ll find a pack of ’em (including Doodle and Mary) in my book,

Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again.

Doodle and Mary

Doodle w foot on head (2)

Did I hear the refrigerator door open?

This post was inspired by Mary Melange and her talk with Ziva:


Shortcuts and Coonhounds

SOC winner 2017

Today’s Stream of Consciousness prompt is “shortcut or cut short.” The prompt is provided by Linda Hill. You can learn more about this weekly event and read other streams by clicking this link:

And now, on with the stream of consciousness!

I took a few shortcuts in the corn maze last week in the mountains. The sign said to stay on the path. I usually follow rules, but lately, I’ve started taking a little glee in breaking minor rules like staying on the path. In the corn maze, I only got off the path and cut through the corn stalks when I could clearly see the path I was aiming for, just through the stalks a bit. My companions were hesitant but followed reluctantly, but I guess they trusted my determination. We still didn’t find all the mailboxes with the puzzle pieces, but I got some exercise in the great outdoors.

My problem step dog, Dixie Doodle, tries to take shortcuts to freedom by figuring out ways to break or squeeze through the fence. She can get through a surprisingly small space for a big dog. But she was cut short after David fixed the gate between the front and back yard so she ends up in a small space instead of squeezing through the outer gate which still needs fixing. I bet given enough time she would be able to get through anything. It’s not like she doesn’t ever get out. She has a big back yard and David takes her for a mile-long walk every night, except when we are out of town which does not happen often. But I don’t like to leave her. I’ve decided that I want to take her with us next time we are gone more than a day or two. Dogs are family, and we need to figure out a way to include her on our vacations. Our other dog, Marigold is old and doesn’t mind sleeping the day away. She is 15 and easy to take care of, easier than Doodle who is maybe 10 or 11 but shows no signs of slowing down. Doodle’s baying when anyone walks by the house and when it’s time to eat is LOUD. She has been called “The Mouth of the South.”

Doodle the Queen

Don’t let that stately look fool you.  She’s crazy.


Dixie Doodle is a Treeing Walker Coonhound who David rescued from starvation a few years before he found me again. She is serious about food. And her walks. He met someone recently who has a Walker coonhound of the same variety – treeing walker – who is named Dixie. She is also an escape artist. Are all Walker coonhounds escape artists? Once a dog learns that escape is possible, he or she will continue to try.

There were no shortcuts to my first love (who also loves dogs) finding me again. It took 39 years for him to become ready. Okay, I had some work to do, too. Or maybe there were cosmic shortcuts I don’t know about that could have kept 39 years from becoming 49 or 59. I don’t want to imagine having to wait that long. But the dogs kept me company in the meantime.

You can read more about the company of dogs and the 39 years it took for first love to return home in Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again.  I think my next book might be about Doodle, the crazy coon hound who I have come to love.

back cover painting (2)

This is the back cover painting for my book. You can spot Doodle easily.

PS: I’m writing this early because I’ll be a a writer’s conference all day Saturday. Will check in when I can.

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