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Circles: A Stream of Consiousness Saturday Post on Shape


“Look with care for the shape of a square.” That children’s song from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, has been in my head all these years. Though the space ships that lured ? pulled the cute kid away were mostly round shapes. The beautiful mother ship certainly was round with spikey things. She was huge.

Squares can be useful, but I’m partial to circles. An art teacher I had in college said circles are feminine shapes. I think he was flirting with me at the time. I wonder if circles are attractive to me because of the shape of a mother’s breast. Could that shape that provides nourishment be an instinctive attraction? It would make sense.

But then, I just realized that most shapes in nature are circular. At least the important ones seem to be. The sun, the moon, flowers, faces, heads, eyeballs, pupils…… water crystals, snowflakes, our planet earth.

I can’t think of any square shapes in nature. Can you? There are angular shapes. Mountains are often triangular. Trees are tall but often have roundish tops.

Why are dishes traditionally round? Is it because it’s easier to make round shaped dishes and bowls and baskets? Clocks, birdbaths. But many man-made things are square or rectangular. TV’s, phones, appliances, buildings.

I wonder if there is some deep natural affinity we have for circles.

This SF tribute to the Close Encounters’ mothership is overflowing with circles and spheres:

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In case you haven’t seen the movie, the cute kid gets returned safe and sound.

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for getting me to think about how much I love circles in this Stream of Consciousness Saturday post.

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