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Pigs, Chickens, and Almond Milk


Today’s Stream of Consciousness prompt is a touchy subject for me. The word is, “ham.” Being an “almost vegetarian,” I don’t want to get preachy because I am so imperfect. But ham is one thing that was never hard for me to give up. It has something to do with pigs being mammals and at least as intelligent as dogs. Why do we live with dogs and love them so much, but eat pigs?

Chicken and fish are another story. Is it right that I haven’t had the same success with giving up eating animals that are so much more different from me? But when I watch those videos about factory farmed chickens, that has given me strength. I’ve just about got the chicken thing down. A piece might slip in through a broccoli casserole, but most of the time, I’m done eating chicken.

I’ve been reading a book about raising chickens by Kelly Chripczuk, called Chicken Scratch, Stories of Love, Risk and Poultry. It’s a sweet little easy-to-read account of her adventures raising chickens. She makes them sound so lovable, or maybe it’s because she is so loving. I met Kelly at a writer’s retreat at God’s Whisper Farm where of course they have chickens, along with goats and beautiful Great Pyrenees dogs, but no pigs as I know of. I wonder if someone would write a book about pigs like Chicken Scratch. But the problem is, pigs don’t lay eggs, so…. let’s not get too complicated. Pigs could make good companion animals. They’re really smart, so they could be service animals -fetching things, letting you know when someone’s at the door…..or they could just be pigs for pigs’ sake.

So, yeah. I have no trouble not eating pigs or cows and most of the time chickens. Fish and shrimp are a bit of a challenge, but lent helps. During lent, I can be a strict vegetarian, knowing it’s just for 40 days. Dairy might be included this year in my abstinence plan for lent. Almond milk is pretty good once you get used to it. It tastes lighter somehow and seems to keep longer than cow milk. That reminds me of this commercial from a few years back that just tickled me. Let me see if I can find it.

I enjoy watching the new milkman keep a straight face.

Talk about ham!

(The pig photo is from pixabay.)

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If You Were a Chicken


If you were a chicken, what kind of a life would you want?

I bet you’d want to scratch around in the dirt for bugs and worms.

I bet you’d want a little space now and then.

Maybe if you lived your whole life on a factory farm

So crowded you can hardly move

and you can’t hear your own voice

above a thousand other voices

Maybe you wouldn’t know any better.

But I bet there would be powerful unmet urges,

And the knowing that something is very wrong.

How can we as humans not care?

How could I eat that curried chicken salad yesterday,

When I had said I was done eating chicken?

I am not perfect.

But today, I will do better.


This post was inspired by this article about Perdue Farms trying to do better.

Here are some baby chicks at God’s Whisper Farm where I attended a writer’s retreat:

And here’s a God’s Whisper Farm rooster. He might not look happy to us, but he takes his job of protecting his family seriously.


Photo by Ayla Likens