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Good News Tuesday: A Victory in the Rainforest, Decrease in US Incarcerations of African Americans, Captain Tom Update, and Art is her Superpower

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Indigenous Rainforest People Win Long Court Battle Against Illegal Loggers

It started in 1980 when mature cedar and mahogany trees were cut down illegally in the Kampa do Rio Amônia Indigenous Reserve of the Amazon. After a decades long court battle, the Ashaninka people of Brazil were given a public apology and awarded three million dollars in compensation. The settlement will be paid over five years and will be used mostly for reforestation projects.

“The case will define hundreds of thousands of cases on massive environmental crimes in Brazil.”   ___Antonio Rodrigo, Attorney for the Ashaninka people

For details, visit this article from The Good News Network

Decrease in Rate of US Imprisonment of African Americans

One of the challenges of doing “Good News Tuesday” is finding a story of interest but with my own, “Yes, buts….” attached to it.  My “Yes, buts,” to this story are that African Americans in the US are still imprisoned at clearly disproportionate rates and that African Americans are still in danger as evidenced by continued wrongful deaths. Law enforcement officers still need  more training in sensitivity, compassion, and strategic alternatives to firing a weapon or use of unnecessary force. My country still has the highest incarceration rate in the world.

I decided to include this report in GNT because it was surprising to me that the imprisonment rate of African Americans in the US has fallen by a third since 2006. One reason given is that overall, violent crime in the US has decreased. (You couldn’t tell this just by watching your average news show.)

The report from the Pew Research Center provides graphs showing the decrease in overall US crime and the declines in imprisonment rates of African Americans and Hispanics, though they explain, “The increase in Hispanic prisoners…. was slower than the increase in the overall Hispanic population in the U.S., which is why the Hispanic imprisonment rate decreased.” The statistics do not include inmates held in local jails and those sentenced to less than a year. I still think these trends are worth considering as we search for ways to do better.  

Here’s the link to the report. 

Captain Tom Update

Captain Thomas Moore who raised over $40 million for health care in England has been given the honorary promotion of colonel. Furthermore, Queen Elizabeth has approved his knighthood. In this article from ABC News, he wonders if the Queen will give him a hand up from kneeling when knighted.

Art is Her Superpower

Ten-year-old Chelsea Phaire has given away over 1000 boxes of art supplies to kids in shelters, foster care, and those dealing with trauma. For her last birthday, she asked for art supplies to donate and sent these out in her first 40 boxes. Her charity started after a beloved teacher was killed by gun violence and art went from being Chelsea’s hobby to becoming her therapy. You can read more about Chelsea’s Charity in this CNN article, and please watch her short video!

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Good News Tuesday 5/5/20: Sudan Ready to Outlaw FGM, Shifting Away from Fossil Fuels, a COVID Recovery Story, and Captain Tom Update

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Sudan to Outlaw Female Genital Mutilation

Sudan’s council of ministers approved a new law criminalizing female genital mutilation on 22 April. The law is expected to be passed by the members of the sovereign council, which was created after the removal of the former dictator. Under the new law, anyone inflicting FGM will face up to three years in prison. You can read more in this article from The Guardian. 

Investors Shifting Away from Fossil Fuels and Artic Exploitation

US Investment bank Morgan Stanley will no longer fund oil and gas exploration and development in the Arctic, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Morgan Stanley is the fifth largest funder of fossil fuels in the United States and also the fifth major U.S. bank to stop arctic oil financing.

“The updated environmental policy also prohibits direct financing for new and expanded coal-fired power plants and new thermal coal mines. Additionally, Morgan Stanley has committed to phasing out funding for thermal coal mining companies that “do not have a diversification strategy within a reasonable timeframe.”

This article from The Planetary Press reports on the policy change and signs that world banks are “beginning to recognize the need to shift away from fossil fuels and towards sustainable alternatives”

“This man came home from the hospital to die. His son found a way to keep him alive”  CNN

81 year old Suryakant “Suri” Nathwani had contracted COVID 19 and was not expected to live. He pleaded with his son to go home, to not die in the hospital.  Raj Nathwani took his father home to the outskirts of London to try to make him comfortable.  But that’s not all Raj did. He researched, collected data, and consulted with a family friend who was  a general practitioner. While many families do not have the resources to do all that Raj was able to do, we can still celebrate this son’s efforts and his father’s recovery. I hope you will read this inspiring story as reported by CNN 

You can also listen to the story here:


Captain Tom Update: You’re Never Too Old to Dream Another Dream

Happy Belated Birthday to Captain Tom Moore who turned 100 on Thursday! He’s raised 40 million dollars for charity and is being well recognized for his perseverance.

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