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Good News Tuesday for August 2, 2022: Progress Toward HIV Cure, Solar Panels Raise Teacher Salaries, California Beach Returned to Black Heirs, and a Seven-Year-Old Saves Toddler in Pool

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Progress Toward HIV Cure

Two new cases presented at the International AIDS Conference in Montreal give hope to the possibility of remission from HIV. A 66-year-old man appears to have been cured by a stem cell donation, and a woman is in remission after immune boosting therapies. NBC News has details. (via 1440)

Solar Panels Save Arkansas school enough Money to Significantly Raise Teacher Salaries

In Batesville, Arkansas installing 1,500 solar panels saved the school about $600,000 yearly. This money was then funneled back to the teachers for up to $15K in raises. Here’s how they did it.

California Beach Stolen from Black Couple Returned to Heirs

Los Angeles County returned prime California oceanfront property to the heirs of a Black couple who built the resort for African Americans when beaches were segregated. Bruce Beach was stolen from entrepreneurs Charles and Willa Bruce nearly a century ago. Their great-great-grandson, Anthony Bruce, received the deed last week. Read more and watch the video from CBS News HERE.

A Seven-Year-Old Saves Toddler at the Bottom of a Pool

Messiah saw a toddler six-feet down at the bottom of the pool and swam down to get him out. His relative, 9-year-old Savannah, helped pull the toddler out of the pool. The mom says the toddler is doing well. Here’s the story from GMA with a video below.

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