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With Love, Hope, and Perseverance


Burial Mounds on the Natchez Trace




A song unheard by my ears

Called to my being

and invited me closer.

My friends would wait

As I walked toward the mounds

through itchy grass

wondering what bugs I might disturb

To nibble my ankles

And thinking sneakers

would have been better than sandals.

But I had not known the song would call me.



They told me it was okay

not to come all the way

Because I was close enough

To feel the song.

They met me halfway

And I felt the energy of their spirits

 like a soft breeze

that raised the hair on my arms

yet the air was still.

 I danced to the spirit song

unheard by my ears

And for a moment,

I was free of the world.


∞ ∞ ∞


As I was about to leave the site of the Pharr Mounds, I spied a dragon fly:


It did not fly away as we got close, and I wondered if it was injured

or just reminding me to be still.


Then, as we headed to the car, I found a single butterfly wing in the parking lot.


A gift to help me remember my freedom.


My visit to the Pharr Mounds showed me that I do not have to work so hard to receive gifts. As our bodies slow, our awareness grows, and our spirits are more easily lifted.

I only saw a small portion of the Natchez Trace.  Just enough to wet my appetite. Next time, I’ll bring sneakers.




An air bus flew me to Mississippi where I’m visiting with three girlfriends from high school. It wasn’t an Airbus, which seems to be a brand name, but a jet that felt like a bus because it felt cramped and confined like a bus in the sky.

Catching up and reminiscing with my old friends, not that we’re really old, because old gets older every year,  being with friends I’ve known since high school, felt natural. On our first day here, we painted pottery. I LOVED forgetting about almost everything else and painting a design, a tree with hearts for leaves, on the dish I picked out.

On our second day, we saw Indian Burial Mounds on the Natchez Trace, then went to see the little, white house where Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo. We had a lovely dinner at the home of my friend and talked about how much we valued our friendship. How we knew each other back when and ever since.

Travel is not something I do often, but September is the exception with my trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains earlier this month, and now this reunion in Mississippi.

I used to think it would be cool to travel across country in a bus, a hippie bus,


or a VW bus.



My high school sweetheart, who moved to Connecticut after we had dated for less than a year, thought about driving his VW bus back down south to visit me. But his family convinced him that the “Iron-Sided Shackwagon,” as his grandfather called it, wouldn’t make it that far. So he waited.

He waited for about 39 years, then drove 700 miles to see me again. The timing was perfect. He didn’t drive down in a VW bus. But maybe someday, we’ll get a van or an RV and travel across the country.



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