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Good News Tuesday for January 3, 2023: Dog Therapy in Ukraine, Cellular Glue, Humpback Comeback, 2022 Good News Review, and Surviving the NY Blizzard in a School

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Dog Therapy for Kids in Ukraine

A special dog named Bice offers positive distraction and comfort to kids affected by the trauma in Ukraine. This story reminds me of how well dogs (and other animals) bring us back to the present moment. Click here to learn more.

New Cellular “Glue” Helps Heal Wounds

Scientists at the University of California have engineered molecules that act like a “cellular glue” to bond tissues. The research has implications for podetial of regeneration of nerves and tissues. The Good News Network has details.

Humpback Comeback

Humpback whales were almost wiped out by commercial whaling in the 19th and early 20th century and were one of the first species to be protected under the Endangered Species Act and the Marine Mammal Protection Act in 1970. But with global conservation efforts, the current population has rebounded from 10,000 to 80,000 in 2022. Here are the details from GoodGoodGood.

Good News Stories from 2022

Many news services are publishing a look back at last year’s good news. A short one from my 1440 email has a quick overview of ten topics including medical discoveries, earth work, the declining death penalty, LGBTQ rights, and more. (I opted to decline cookies and X’d the pop up and could still read the article.) Here’s the link:

If you really want to delve into the good news, a longer list of stories arranged by month is available HERE from Good Good Good

“Merry Christmas, Jay” Saved Lives by Breaking into a School in the NY Blizzard

A man named Jay broke into a school to survive the recent New York blizzard. Then he went out rescue more people who were stuck in cars and brought them inside. He saved 24 people and two dogs. Here’s the story from ABC News.

An unfolding story I’m following for next week:

A family of four apparently survived a crash after their car fell 250 feet off a cliff in California.

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Good News Twosday for 2-22-22: Iceland to Stop Whaling, 80-Year-Old Rescues People from Blizzard, Seal Nudges Man to Keep Swimming, and Marcus Gets a Kidney

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Iceland to Stop Whaling for Good

Iceland has announced that there will be no new commercial whaling permits after the current permits expire in 2023. Contributing to the decision were decreasing economic demand and The World Wildlife Fund’s “Meet Us, Don’t Eat Us,” campaign. Here’s more from The Good News Network.

80-Year-Old Man on Foot Rescues People in Three Cars from Blizzard

Andre Bouvier Sr., a retired rescue worker in Canada, walked through a “Saskatchewan Screamer” to rescue people in three cars. He then led the people to his home. Read this remarkable story from The Good News Network including a video from CBC.

Seal Nudge Inspires Man to Keep Swimming

Scott Thompson thought he was going to die after falling from his boat into frigid water wearing only a T shirt and shorts. Then a seal nudged him from below inspiring Scott to swim five more miles to reach help. Read more in this article including a video of Scott telling his story

Marcus Gets a Kidney

In 2019, Marcus Edwards held up a sign at Chicago Bears football game. The sign said, “I need a kidney, O Positive, with his phone number. Jennifer Michel saw the story and couldn’t help but shake the feeling that she was the one who could help. In October of 2021, Mr. Edwards got Jennifer’s kidney. Sometimes things take longer than we hope, but they can still work out for the best.

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