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Good News Tuesday for June 15, 2021: Recycled Hospital Ward, Peaceful Protests, Rainbow Cookies, and an Eagle Rescue

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Hospital Ward Made from Recycled Material

A hospital ward in Taiwan was made from recycled material. Engineer Arthur Huang is the co-founder and CEO of Miniwiz — a company that transforms waste into “…1,200 materials that can be used for construction, interiors and consumer products.” This article from CNN includes an interesting video showing Arthur Huang’s innovation and passion for recycling.

Research Confirms BLM Protests were Overwhelmingly Peaceful

The Harvard Radcliffe Institute has been collecting and studying data on protests in the US. What they’ve found is that Black Lives Matter protests and demonstrations were “overwhelmingly peaceful.” (This is what happens when we look beyond the mainstream headlines.) Here’s the report from the Harvard Radcliffe Institute which came in my Goodnewsletter.

Community Supports Bakery’s Rainbow Cookies

After a Texas bakery made beautiful rainbow heart shaped cookies, they lost a few customers and got some cruel anti-pride comments. “But for every negative comment or bad review they’ve received as a result of the rainbow-striped cookies, there are “20 positive ones” that make all the difference,” said the co-owner Dawn. Here’s more the story from CNN.

Kayakers Save Eagles

BBC News reports a kayaking couple from Hungary saved two eagles who were stuck together on the water and in danger of drowning. (It’s possible the eagles got stuck during fighting.) The rescuers, Klaudia Kis and Richard Varga, then resumed their three month journey to promote eco-awareness. Here’s the rescue:

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SoCS: Skin Color


Today’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “nail.” We can use it as a noun or a verb.  Linda says, to have fun! We’ll see about that. 

Some “white” people have trouble seeing white privilege. (I intend to come back to the quotation marks.) For me, this nailed it:

white privilege

Skin color.  Didn’t Crayola recently make a box of skin color crayons? Let me see if I can find it.  Well, that took a while, because I love color. Here are some of Crayola’s skin tone colors. Good for them!

The thing is, there are a lot of colors in between black and white. YES, BLACK LIVES MATTER! I’m coming to understand why saying, “all lives matter,” is offensive and hurtful. Here’s another meme that nails it for me.  I guess it’s not so much a meme as a quote. There are many examples of why ALM isn’t appropriate, right now.

Black Lives Matter


But  And some day, I hope and pray it won’t be just about black or white, but the beauty of diversity and all colors. Because we will have justice and kindness and peace.

Coming back to the word, “white,” if I lay my hand against a white dry erase board, or a white piece of paper, it doesn’t match. I don’t think they can make a crayon for freckles, and that’s okay. It’s important to support those who are hurting and make the world safe for all colors. Black, brown, green and blue are in danger. I’m talking about people of color and planet earth.

(Yeah, maybe that was kinda weird, but SOC….. If this wasn’t SOC, I’d be editing more than typos. Sometimes I edit for clarity, but gotta draw a line and try to follow the rules.)

Speaking of green, I’m in the mountains this weekend, so might be slow getting back to #SoCS, but I’ll have some green going on.


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A Man of Hope, Heart, and Spirit

“Black lives matter, because all lives matter.” __Bishop Michael Curry

Presiding Bishop-elect Michael Curry of the Episcopal church gets things moving. He has the power to unite us, to help us find common ground.

I’ve had the privilege of hearing Bishop Curry speak on two occasions in his role as the Bishop of North Carolina. Sometimes, Episcopalians can lean a little toward the intellectual. Bishop Curry speaks from his heart of love with power to shake up the intellect and infuse us with the Holy Spirit. I’m excited and hopeful about his election as the Bishop for the Episcopal Church of the United States. I’m not at all surprised that he won by a landslide.

I ask that you watch this powerful five minute video of the newly elected Bishop Michael Curry speaking at the Bishop’s march “Claiming Common Ground Against Gun Violence” on June 28 at the convention in Salt Lake City:


“So walk together children. Walk and change this world.”___Bishop Michael Curry