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Believe It (or not)

It’s time for the 24th day of Just Jot it January. Thanks to our host Linda Hill for keeping us going and to Jill for today’s thought provoking prompt: “unbelievable.”

With the title of my blog being “Anything is Possible,” there aren’t many things that I find unbelievable. Unlikely maybe. Unimaginable, perhaps…. It is possible to believe in the possibility of most things. So how do we choose? Logic helps. We can look at our own experience which grows with the years. Sometimes it helps to ask people we trust what they believe. Sometimes we just feel it in our bones.

One thing I find difficult to believe is the possibility that there is no divine higher power. Call it what you will, experience leads me to believe in some kind of intelligent, benevolent power beyond this material world. I feel it in my bones. The easiest thing for me to call this power, is God, but that’s mostly out of habit and upbringing. When I see the word, “Father,” I tend to change it to Creator, Mother, or Great Spirit. Sometimes I change God to Goddess. “The Universe” works, because it’s all encompassing.

Like the blind men and the elephant, we may each perceive this divine higher power in different ways. We all have the right to believe what we want to believe. Or not. As long as we don’t hurt anyone. Karma steps in, sooner or later. We reap what we sow, though it might take a while. Perhaps Karma and angels are helpers or appendages of the Great One with many faces.

What do you believe?

Have your beliefs changed over the years?

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Believe the Unbelievable. Describe the Indescribable.

Today’s Stream of Consciousness prompt from Linda G. Hill was, “indescribable.”

Indy scribe babble. Independent writer’s babble. That’s exactly what I’m doing. Just playing with this word.

To be serious for a moment, it reminds me of the word, “unbelievable.” I used to date someone who used that word all the time. Well, a lot, anyway. He’d say it about an amazing, fascinating work of art, or something extra-ordinary and wonderful. I didn’t like this much, because I like to believe in things that are amazing, fascinating, and extra-ordinarily wonderful.

I would say, “I believe it.”

Perhaps I was being too literal. And there were other issues….

But back to the word, indescribable. What is really indescribable? What can I not describe? It’s like the word, impossible. If anything is possible, then isn’t anything also describable? Well, maybe some things are hard to describe. Like a feeling we’re not sure of, we just can’t put our finger on it, or our mind has trouble getting a grip on the words.

When I was very, very young, there was a slogan about Peter Paul Mounds and Almond Joy candy bars. They were said to be indescribably delicious. Catchy slogan. But I bet I can describe them, even though it’s been a while since I ate one, I can still remember. The mounds were too sweet. Sickeningly sweet to me anyways. I liked almond joys better because of the nuts. I would describe almond joys as sweet, but with a little saltiness from the crunchy almonds and the coconut added even more texture. Personally, I’d like a little more chocolate. Dark chocolate, and a little less coconut. And more almonds. Once I ate almonds and cherries together, and they tasted like coconut. You never know until you try these things.

Anyway, I found this old commercial on Youtube. It’s hard to describe, because it’s kind of weird, but in a fun sort of way.


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Joel Osteen is one of the Good Guys

“You must quit looking at what you don’t have and start believing that all things are possible.”   __ Joel Osteen

A  friend posted this article criticizing Joel Osteen on my Facebook timeline. Just the title, “Grace, grace, and grace: How to Battle Osteenism in Our Time,” turned me off.

I don’t want to battle Osteenism. I really don’t want to battle anyone. I’ll battle the devil when I have to. But Joel Osteen is NOT the devil. I’ve read excerpts from his book, Your Best Life Now, and found it refreshingly positive. It was a little like reading The Secret, but from a Christian perspective. It’s an easy jump, considering, “Ask, Believe, Receive,” is right there in Matthew 21:22.

The criticisms in the article my friend shared, include Osteen not having enough scripture, and encouraging us to focus on ourselves instead of God. The author writes, “…We want to be able to look in the mirror and say, “I am good, I am holy, I have made it all on my own.”

Yes, I do want to say, I am good, I am holy, but I know darn well I have not made it on my own. God brought me to this place of Grace. I had a feeling Osteen knows that too. So I watched some of  his videos. This one is  called: “Be Positive or Be Quiet.”  (Though it starts in the middle of a joke, the actual sermon starts around 4o seconds in.) It was well worth my time.

The more I listened to Joel in this video, the more I liked him. He used plenty of scripture and biblical stories to explain how and why we need to speak positively and not speak negative thoughts. He gives God all kinds of credit.

I know we have to address things that are wrong, but we can do it by saying what we want. We can talk about our hopes, what we want for our world, nation, city, neighborhood, family, and life. Like it says on my favorite bumper sticker:

Encourage your hopes, not your fears.

I’m not completely head-over-heels for Joel Osteen.  I might not believe everything he believes.

I do believe we can disagree and still admire and respect each other for good work. 

I have no interest in going to a mega church. Being an introvert at heart, crowded stadiums are not fun for me. But if he can get over 40,000 people to come to his church every Sunday, he must be on to something powerful.

I believe those people are hungry for hope. Me too. I thrive on positive words of encouragement. There is too much negative energy being spread into the world by the mainstream media, and by some religious leaders. Negativity becomes toxic after awhile.

Joel Osteen talks a lot about hope. And he talks a lot about Jesus and God, too. I believe he’s one of the good guys. And even if I don’t agree with everything he’s ever said, we’re still on the same team.

“Take your dreams and the promises God has put in your heart, and every day declare that they will come to pass.”   ___  Joel Osteen


Do You Believe in Magic?

Here’s a post by OneAnna65, about magic:

Her post got me thinking about a question that’s been floating around in my mind for a while:

What is magic?

Avatar friends

Avatar Exhibit, Children’s Museum, Indianapolis

Some things that seem like magic, can be explained by science. But they are still magical. Like magnetism, fire flies, thunder, lightening, rainbows, mushrooms making fairy circles….

The Pandoran wood sprites in the photo to the right, moved magically to anything that came close to the wall projection where they lived. Of course there is a scientific explanation for that, but it was still magical. It was especially magical being there with  the children who didn’t try to figure out the technology that made this happen. They just enjoyed being there.

Even when I understand the science, it’s still magic.

The true magic, I believe, is not the kind where a man with a black cape and wand pulls a rabbit out of a hat.

The magic I believe in is broad and spiritual. It has something to do with the “Law of Attraction.” But I believe it also has to do with the influence and assistance of angels, spirit guides, and ultimately, ever present, all knowing God, the Great Spirit.

I don’t like to put God in a box. God is beyond gender, beyond our understanding. Though if we pay attention, we may glimpse God through nature, other people and  miracles.

God makes the biggest, best magic.

Like making things work out in the long run. And bringing long lost loves back together again when the time is right….

…..And the marvelous tapestry of things contained on and in planet Earth.

We only need to open our eyes and minds and hearts.

Magic is all around us.

Magic lives in snowflakes and ice crystals, in daffodils and cocooned caterpillars, waiting for the warm sunlight to bring new life.

Magic lives in believing that spring is coming, even though we don’t feel it yet.

Magic lives in silly things like cats playing in paper bags and baby giggles.

Magic lives in the vibration of drum beats and heart beats, guitar strings and virgin wings taking flight.

This is my 111th post on this blog. Is that magic?

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JoAnne Silvia on a Blog Tour!

Boone Hillside

Path on a hillside in Boone, NC, by JoAnne Silvia

I get to be in a Blog Tour! This opportunity comes from my Online Writing Community via Andilit on Facebook. First I had to find out what a blog tour is. It doesn’t sound too hard. I copy, then answer the questions below and then tag other bloggers. So here goes!

“Upon what are you working?”

My biggest project, the thing that finally got me to pursue writing, is the memoir: Perfect Timing, Lessons in Love, Faith and Perseverance. It’s the story of two young lives coming together in the early 1970’s and being separated (against their wills) to learn all those interesting, and sometimes painful, life lessons they had to learn to be ready to meet again. David and I had no idea we would be reunited, after 39 years of no contact, in a way that confirms there are no coincidences.

        God and the universe are working with us to create our best possible lives.

I’m also writing for Wilmington Faith and Values ( which provided the inspiration to interview otherwise homeless men living in at The Rescue Mission of the Cape Fear, and I’m currently working on a couple of magazine articles.

“How does your work differ from others in the genre?”

I’m so glad you asked! Perfect Timing is actually two memoirs in one. David and I alternate chapters, each telling about our separate, yet often parallel journeys. It has sometimes been a challenging process, but we are growing into it. David, being a to-the-point, “no fluff,” recovering workaholic, put down the facts in his chapters. As I’ve learned more about creative writing, I’ve taken to interviewing him for more details and feelings (the stuff I keep getting asked for by my writing community.) I believe it’s been therapeutic. We’ve certainly learned a lot about each other in this process.

“Why do your write what you write?”

I write to inspire others. I want to give hope. There were some very dark moments in my life relating to divorce and unhealthy rebound relationships.  I want people to know this: Your future can be even better than you’ve imagined, if you work on yourself, believe and never give up.  David and I are encouraged to write our story every time we tell the short version and people say things like: “I just got goosebumps, hearing that!”

“How does your writing process work?”

Fridays are my writing days. I’m so thankful to have been able to cut back my job of 26 years as a  substance abuse counselor to 32 hours a week so I can live my new passion on Fridays. I do write at other times, usually in the evenings, but I have to be careful. I’ve discovered writing can be addictive for me. Being a night owl by nature, I have found myself typing away until the wee hours, and I need to be at work by 8:30 am.  Keeping a notebook handy, and slips of re-purposed scrap paper in my purse, car and bedroom help me jot down ideas as they come. That’s my low tech way of having fun. It’s messy, but I like the individual pieces of paper, because I can just throw them away after I’ve put them in the computer.

Recreating foggy old memories had been a challenge. I’ve emailed high school girlfriends for help which is a blast. We each remember different pieces. Interviewing David’s mother and my father has created some interesting revelations and off shoots for future projects, maybe even novels. So many stories!

Now to pass along the tag: Andi at, Suzanne at, Jennifer at

Let me know if you want to be tagged!



Success: Do more than want it.

Stepping stones

Any journey begins with a single step.

How are those New Year’s resolutions going? What steps have you taken?

In recent years, there’s been a lot written about manifesting you dreams. But, asking, believing and receiving has been around for a long time. The sequence is recommended in Mathew 21:22. And sometimes, asking and believing can bring our dreams into reality, if we are open to the possibilities. It happened to me, when the time was right.  But first I had to do the footwork. My first love, David, and I had to work on ourselves as individuals and learn lots of lessons before we were ready to be together 39 years later.

happily married

Perfect Timing for JoAnne and David Silvia, 40 years later

In my 26 years or so as a substance abuse counselor, I’ve met plenty of people who wanted to stop using drugs or stop drinking to avoid losing their homes or their kids or so they could regain their sanity. The ones who were successful recognized how much work it takes to change a powerful habit. It takes more than to want to change. It takes action, like going to meetings. It takes movement, like walking down another street. Sometimes it takes changing your phone number.

If you want to lose weight, you might start by buying a new pair of sneakers, or some exercise music. You can also write down you food plan for tomorrow and pray about it. Pray before you go into the grocery store. Pray before you open the refrigerator.

If I want to decrease clutter, I’m going to have to start with one pile or one corner, make the time and get started.

(I just stopped writing this post and spent 5 minutes working on that corner in the kitchen. I found the Christmas napkins I was looking for 4 weeks ago.)

Ask, believe, and then take the steps. One step at a time. You’ll get further than you would just talking about it.

old bridge

Take a new road.