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One-Liner Wednesday: Give the Boy Beans


Being almost vegetarian, beans are a big part of my diet. Yet I am cautious as the amount of beans I will eat in one sitting. You can imagine why. If there are a lot of  beans in my minestrone soup, I give some to my husband. He is not cautious about beans at all.

“Give the boy beans they said;  it’ll be alright.”

That’s what my husband David always says when we talk about beans or I give him some of mine. I figured it was something he heard from his grandpa Malcolm. But when I asked David about it, he said he made it up himself more recently in response Mr. Willie, the cook at the Mission where David worked and still volunteers. They joke a lot about food among other things.

I like the part about “It’ll be alright,” which in the big picture is usually the case.

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