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Good News Tuesday: Helpers in Paris, Baby Rescue, and I’m Back Home!

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Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Hope From Paris

It was so sad to hear about Notre Dame Cathedral burning, but all is not lost. Here are some headlines of hope from my weekly Goodnewsletter followed by a video story reporting firefighters formed a human chain to save artifacts like Jesus’s crown of thorns.

Police officer and Big Sister Save Baby

Big sister flagged down the police officer who successfully saved the 10 month old. The video includes a demonstration about how to help a choking baby which is good to review. However, the reporter says to continue to do back blows and chest compressions until help arrives. What I recall from my CPR training is that you can stop the compressions and back blows if the baby is clearly breathing or crying as the officer did.


Personal Good News: We’re Home!

There’s still plenty to do, but we’re back home after 7 months while our house was being renovated and re-wired. Yesterday we transported a few basic pieces of furniture in David’s truck and the weather was perfect! The washer and dryer aren’t hooked up yet, but the new fiber internet and direct TV are working. Today I’m painting the kitchen and some trim and getting organized.

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WATWB: A Fatal Birth Defect and a Gift of Love

Welcome to WATWB #21, a monthly celebration of positive news stories that show compassion and the resilience of the human spirit. Sharing these stories increases our awareness of hope.

My offering this month is a story that moved me in powerful ways I cannot explain. It starts with a young couple expecting a baby.  In her 18th week of pregnancy, Krysta Davis found out the baby she was carrying was diagnosed with anencephaly, “a fatal neurological defect that occurs when parts of the brain and skull are missing. In most cases, babies diagnosed with it live between a few minutes and a few days.”

A doctor told Krysta that if she decided to go full term with the pregnancy, they could donate baby Rylei’s organs to help other babies.

In Krysta’s words:

“Derek and I looked at each other and knew what we were going to do. I may have not been able to take my baby home, but I could maybe use her life to give other mothers the chance to.”

Baby Rylei was born on Christmas Eve and lived for one week. She was miraculously stronger than anyone would have imagined.
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Good News Tuesday: Baby Holding, Rings of Peace, and a Father Confronts Bullying with Compassion

Stranger Holds Baby While Mom Does Paperwork – Photo gets over a Million Likes.

This grandfather asked to hold a stranger’s baby so the mother could fill out paperwork. Mom said yes. The photo shared on Facebook got over a million likes even though no one in the photo is in FB. People want good news,too. Maybe mainstream media is starting to get it?  You can read more of the story here.

Rings of Peace Around Toronto Synagogues

Hundreds of people of different faiths showed support for synagogues in Toronto Saturday by being part of the Rings of Peace.

You can read more about the Rings of Peace here.

Father Confronts Son’s Bully with Compassion

In confronting his son’s bully, this father found out the older boy was being bullied himself for wearing the same clothes. The wise father used empathy, listening, and compassion to turn torment into friendship. Thanks to Good Morning America for covering this story.

Looking for balance one Tuesday at a time.

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Good News Tuesday: Stories to Lift Your Spirit

Police officer Celeste Ayala was on duty at a hospital in Argentina when a malnourished and neglected baby was brought in by a social worker. Knowing she could help, Celeste asked if she could breastfeed the baby and was given permission.  Later, she was given a promotion. Here’s the story:

Next up: Did you hear about the rainbow that appeared during a moment of silence honoring Aretha Franklin?  She was a powerful lady.

I can’t resist a good news dog story, especially when there’s a reunion involved.  Bently was lost in an accident far from home. After seeing the lost dog story, a Colorado man went looking.  He knew it was a long shot, but he found Bently who is back now with family.

In other good dog news, England is taking an ethical lead in banning puppy mills where dogs are over-bread in poor conditions.  You can read the details here.

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Seeking balance, one Tuesday at a time.



My Heart Walks Outside My Body


This week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt is attach/attachment.

Attachment seems to have a negative connotation for me. I’m often talking, reading or thinking about emotional detachment to help people, including me, recover from co-dependency.

But when I try to think of a positive feeling about attachment, I remember my baby girl. She’s 21 years old now, but I can still remember the lovely, warm feeling of her being attached to my breast that summer I got to stay home and just be a mom. I think it was the most peaceful time of my life.

We were always close, my daughter and I. After the divorce, and after I stopped getting into relationships that weren’t right for me and accepted being single, and after my son moved out on his own, it was just me and my girl. And the dogs. For five years.

We didn’t do everything together. We had our own friends and activities, but we did a lot of fun things together, like canoe trips, road trips, and just hanging out. We also had plenty of arguments. After all, we did go through puberty and menopause around the same time. That’s what happens when you have a baby girl at the age of 37. Maybe it was a good thing it was just me and her during that time.

I know she’s felt a little displaced since I got married two years ago. She had me to herself for five years.

She’s a grown up now, technically. But she will always be my baby girl. I guess there will always be some emotional attachment between us. It reminds me of a quote, the origin of which I do not know. So I’ll just stop and look it up. (I can tell you I’m doing that because this is Stream of Consciousness Saturday.) Here it is:

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”  __Elizabeth Stone

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