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Good News Tuesday for Nov. 22, 2022: Returning Land to Native Americans, Dolphins Saved in Nova Scotia, Edible Drones, and a Playful Elephant Just for Fun

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

LandBack Returns Stolen Land to Native Americans

The LANDBACK movement has returned land that was stolen from Native Americans. In many cases the land had been identified in treaties as belonging to the Native American people, but the treaties were soon broken. The following in-depth article gives examples of how land is being returned as well as how this relates to conservation and/or stewardship. Click HERE for details.

People Saved a Pod of Dolphins in Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia, dozens of people helped a pod of 16 dolphins stuck in the mud get back to open water. Here’s the story from CBC via my Goodnewsletter.


Edible Drones for Remote Rescues

A team at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology has developed a drone with wings that can be made of rice cakes or carry medicine to remote disaster areas. The Good News Network has more.

When Elephants Want to Play….

Reporter Alvin Kaunda was speaking on behalf of orphaned elephants at Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya when a baby elephant wanted to have some fun. The Dodo has details. Here’s the video:

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Good News Tuesday for Nov. 1, 2022: Makeup Free Beauty, Healing the Ozone Layer, From Electronic Waste to Solar Lanterns, and Two Special Births – a Bison and an Elephant

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Miss England Finalist Competes Without Make Up

Melissa Raouf defied “unrealistic beauty standards” becoming the first makeup-free participant in the Miss England competition. “After entering this contest, I learned that ability to love myself [and] accept myself for who I am in my own skin, whether that be with makeup or without makeup,” Ms. Raouf stated. Here’s the story from The Washington Post.

The Hole in the Earth’s Ozone Layer is Continuing to Shrink

The ozone layer which protects the earth from harmful ultraviolet rays has a large hole over the south pole. The good news is that the hole is continuing to shrink. Here are details from NASA.

Turning Electronic Waste into Solar Lanterns

The Nigerian Company Quadloop recycles old laptop batteries and turns them into solar lanterns. They aim to source 70% of their materials from electronic waste. Reuters has details.

Baby Bison Born in the UK

A baby bison was born wild in UK for the first time in thousands of years. The reintroduction of European bison is part of a re-wilding program. Here’s more from CNN, plus a video from BBC:

Once Orphaned Elephants Welcome New Baby

A new baby elephant was born to the orphan-elephant herd in Kenya’s Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Read about how the herd reacted in this article from The Good News Network which includes the following video. The article reports that the new mom Melia was “flummoxed” at first and not sure what to do, but that older elephants helped her become more comfortable in her new role.

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