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Saint Francis and the Awkward Moment


First, thank you to Joey for filling in for Linda Hill on today’s Stream of Consciousness prompt. I hope Linda is doing well, and I appreciate these prompts every week. Joey’s prompt for today is the word,”awkward.”

So many awkward moments I could write about. But I really want to write about Saint Francis of Assisi because tomorrow is his feast day, when we celebrate his birth and life.

The first thing that comes to mind in the SOC intersection of Saint Francis and “awkward,” is the story about him taking all his clothes off in the middle of town in front of God and everybody. I’ll bet his family was mortified. They were a wealthy and prominent family and must have thought he had lost his mind. But Francis had had enough of the materialistic lifestyle and wanted to do something else. He was called to help the sick and to preach to the animals. He gave up his possessions and founded an order that became the Franciscans.


A statue of Saint Francis and the wolf in Cinque Terra, Itally


I hope his parents eventually appreciated his strangeness that was part of being outside the box. It reminds me of that poem about the “crazy ones.”


This kinda reminds me of my son, though he has never taken his clothes off in public. Not to my knowledge anyway.

And I’m not going to tell you about my high school graduation night. Nope. No way. But it was in 1974, when streaking was a thing, so you can imagine….. I’ll just say, it was definitely awkward.Damn, that Stream of Consciousness. I better stop now. Pull this boat over and tie it to a dock. I mean, what would Saint Francis think about me mentioning streaking in his post? This is awkward.

Here’s to all the awkward moments. May we learn to laugh about them.

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