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Thursday Tree Love: Still Hanging On

“Autumn is a second spring

when every leaf is a flower.”

– Albert Camus

It’s technically winter here in the US, but I’m still smiling at this cluster of leaves hanging on for weeks after the others have let go and become part of nature’s carpet. They’re still beautiful in front of the blue sky. Maybe the tree likes having them down there, protected from the wind. We’re getting ready for high winds and freezing temperatures, so I’m glad I captured these leaves to share.



Below is a bouquet of leaves I collected from my backyard and shared in a previous post

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Thursday Tree Love: Golden Ginko

The ginko I adopted seems to be doing well. She hasn’t grown much above ground, but hopefully, her roots are growing deeper and stronger.

I love her golden leaves with their unique fan-like shape reminding me of butterflies. Click the photo for a better view.

Below is a mature ginko in front of a church a couple miles away. I was in a hurry so snapped this through my car windshield.

A mature ginko in November gold

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