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Good News Tuesday for May 17, 2022: Reversing Deafness Due to Aging, Aerobic Digester in The Bronx, Sheep Rescued from Rooftop, Reading for Money, and the Commencement Speech by a Nonspeaking Valedictorian with Autism

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Hope for Reversing Deafness Due to Aging

Scientists have overcome a major hurdle in reversing deafness due to aging with the discovery of a master gene that can change ear cells into either outer or inner sensory hair cells. The following article from the Good News Network explains more and contains this lovely quote describing the coordinated movement of the inner and outer cells: “It’s like a ballet… The ear is a beautiful organ. There is no other organ in a mammal where the cells are so precisely positioned with micrometric precision.” Professor Jaime Garcia-Anoveros. Click HERE for details.

Aerobic Digester at NY Housing Development Converts Food Waste to Fertilizer

A new community housing development in the Bronx will include an on-site aerobic digester that can turn 1,100 pounds of food scraps into 220 pounds of high-quality fertilizer every day. You can learn more about it from the Good News Network.

Sheep Rescued from English Rooftop

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue built a bridge to rescue five sheep from an English rooftop. Here’s more from the Good News Network.

Company Wants to Pay People to Read Novels and Take Notes

Newsweek reports the company Words Related wants to pay people to read books and take notes on specific details. The current focus is on the representation of women in modern novels. Click here to learn more.

“Life is for Service,” the Commencement Speech by the Nonspeaking Valedictorian with Autism

College graduate Elizabeth Bonker, who has autism and does not speak, was one of four valedictorians at Rollins College, the alma mater of Fred Rogers. Her valedictorian peers voted for her to give the commencement speech. You can read more about Elizabeth Bonker from CNN. Here’s a video of her speech:

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Good News Tuesday for August 10, 2021: Bury the Lines, Neurodiversity in the Workplace, Teaching from a Bus, and a Response to Bullying

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Electric and Gas Company to Bury 10,000 Miles of Line to Reduce California Fire Risk

Pacific Gas and Electric Company has announced plans to bury 10,000 miles of their lines underground. It is hoped this will significantly reduce risk of fires. The initiative will also allow more of California’s trees to grow naturally. The Good News Network has more.

Google to Hire More People with Autism

Google is launching a new program to hire more people with autism. The plan includes working with Stanford University’s Neurodiversity Project to train Google Cloud managers and interviewers. Here’s more from Disability Scoop.

Beyond the Classroom, Beyond Zoom, this Preschool Teacher Teaches from a Renovated Bus

Several months after her school was shut down by COVID, preschool teacher Jerilee Melo found an old 70s style bus on Facebook Marketplace and renovated it into a mobile classroom. She parks the bus at a certain locations for small groups of students and utilizes the surrounding environments as much as possible. Enjoy these details and photos from Good Morning America.

A Seven-Year-Old’s Response to Bullying

Rowyn Montgomery was bullied in first grade. His response was to make inspirational videos to help other kids cope. Here’s the story:

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SoCS: Making a Difference Being Different

Here’s our prompt: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “difference.” Whatever the word “difference” conjures first in your mind, write about it. Enjoy!

Even though we’re not supposed to plan, I was tossing some ideas around after reading the prompt. I have a category called, “Making a Difference.” I don’t remember where I was going with that, but when I started to type a working title for this prompt, I thought about Temple Grandin and the article I read from my Good Morning America news email.

Temple Grandin has a PhD, so I should’ve typed Dr. in front of her name. She also has autism and has made a huge difference in our awareness and understanding of autism as well as in the lives of animals on farms. I hope you’ll read more about her fascinating life. Maybe I’ll post a video later.

In reading about Temple Grandin and autism, I wondered if the spectrum is much broader than we realize. Maybe it starts with social anxiety and awkwardness or slowness on one end, in which case I have traits. In school, I was almost always the last one done on tests. I’ve always been a slow reader. And an introvert who can force myself to be social, but then I need time alone. I have learned to think carefully before I speak and have a lot of pauses. Otherwise, I might say something inappropriate. which sometimes I do. But I also process slowly. When someone is talking fast and presenting a lot of information, I get lost. I don’t like frenetic music or any store with bright fluorescent lights and lots of stimuli. It’s only been in the past ten years or so that I’ve learned to honor these preferences in myself.

It’s okay to be different and honor our differences. We can help each other that way with everyone using their particular strengths. I have patience. I can paint and draw. My imagination is beyond imagination which can sometimes be a good thing, but I have to be careful not to imagine the worst. Or if I catch myself imagining the worst, I can stop. STOP! and imagine the best, or something different. Thoughts can make a difference.

Making a difference doesn’t have to be grand. We don’t have to save the world like I imagined when I was 11 and escaped into fantasy. We can make small differences with a smile or a kind word. We can make a difference in our own lives or the life of one person or animal.

When I looked up Temple Grandin on YouTube, this is the first video I saw, “The World Needs All Kinds of Minds,” so this is what I’m going with.

So then I went and looked at clips of the movie about Temple Grandin’s life which I have not seen. I was moved by this clip where she says, “I hate parties!” and she wants to be with cattle, and her mother takes time to tell, and show, Temple how much she loves her… I really want to see this movie! But for now, I’ll watch a couple more clips.

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Learning About Autism

Sunflower w address

Personal News: A Good Visit with Family

My trip to the mountains was one of the best ever. I got to see all of my grandchildren!  It’s no coincidence that good news stories about autism jumped out at me last night after I got back. My grandson, L, has autism, and I want to learn more. On Sunday, we all had lunch at Daily Bread, a wonderful, cozy restaurant in Boone, NC. We got there just in time since the place filled up quickly. As we waited for our delicious food, the noise level increased steadily and my grandson covered his ears – a good coping strategy for him to signal the noise was starting to overwhelm him. His 14 year old sister left the restaurant to look for ear muffs since his were at home. Big sister came back about ten minutes later with a handsome and comforting cap with soft ear flaps that wrap under his chin.   I was so proud of them all and loved spending time with my family in the mountains.

Liam looking

L really likes his new cap.

Now for Good News in the world…..

Clonakilty, Ireland Goes Autism Friendly

To learn more, check out this article from the Good News Network:

Todd Gets a Big Nod of Appreciation from his City

Todd Kirnan, is more than just a delivery man, he also has autism and is well-loved by his city of Gresham, Oregon. He’s a clear example of helping others simply and directly by doing what he can. Watch what the city of Gresham did to show their appreciation for Todd.

Going back to personal news, on Sunday night at the mountain hotel, I watched one of my favorite TV shows which happened to be about an autistic boy.  God Friended Me reminds me of Quantum Leap, but with God directing from social media. Sunday night’s episode was about a non-verbal, autistic boy who discovers piano music. It ends with the boy playing John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy.”


After lunch at Daily Bread, we went to Blowing Rock. The air was chilly and the sky cloudy, but I loved the feeling of autumn and the misty mountains.

misty mountains behind rocks at blowing rock

mountains view from blowing rock with lichen

flowers growing in rock pocket

At Blowing Rock, we discovered these tiny flowers growing in a pocket of rain water. 

Good News is all around us!

Please feel free to share yours in the comments.




Good News Tuesday: Korean Family Reunions, A Walk of Love, and A Patient Dentist


After many decades of separation, North and South Korean families were chosen by a lottery to meet at a resort. It is not enough, but it’s still good news for these families. We can hope this is just the beginning of growing peace and more reunions.



In other news, 98 year old Luther Younger has been walking 6 miles to visit his wife who is in the hospital. His family has raised money to help ease his journey.



Finally, here’s a story about a Louisville dentist who developed a holistic program for those on the autism spectrum. Click the link below for a video about this compassionate, patient, and understanding dentist.



Sunflower w address

We some need balance.

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Fewer People Going Back to Prison and a Feel Good Video

Sunflower w address

The following article reports a decrease in prison recidivism in the US due to engagement in evidenced-based programs.  The most recent statistics are from 2016. Let’s hope this trend continues!


Plus, here’s a feel good video about the patience of a grocery store worker who helps a teen with autism.




Dealing with Clutter on the ADD Spectrum. Good thing I’m “retired.”

SOC winner 2017

Do, do, do. I’m supposedly retired, but still have so much to do. I can’t imagine being bored ever again. Except when I go somewhere and do something I don’t really want to do. Trying to not do that so much anymore. I saw a meme the other day that brought back memories of my old job. Let me see if I can find it.

Okay. I’m back. That took longer than I thought because I went to Facebook to find it and got distracted by this guy rescuing an antelope out of a mud pit.

Here’s what I went looking for:

work to death

I would never post that when I worked at the forever short staffed place. Now, it’s such a relief not to be in that craziness.

My response: NO.  No, I will NOT work myself to death.

Speaking of getting distracted, when I go to my parents house, which now belongs to me since they are happy together again in heaven, my ADD really kicks in. I’ve never been diagnosed with ADD and probably wouldn’t because it’s usually a mild case, and I’ve compensated well for it. But I think ADD is on a continuum, like the Autism spectrum. Except my continuum/spectrum theory is pretty broad. I know people who are introverts at heart who might be on the the spectrum… have just a tiny touch of autism, but would not be likely to be diagnosed. I might even be one of them.

But back to the ADD. My kids have more of it than I do. We have no H to go with it for hyperactivity. We are those spacey day dreamy types. I only have a tiny touch of it. But when I go to my parents house (my house now though I don’t live there) I get easily distracted. Because they have a lot of clutter. I’m not going to call it hoarding because their living room looks fairly normal. It’s just clutter. Clutter is on the low end of the hoarding spectrum. Or maybe it’s pre-hoarding. Yeah. I like that better. Because, hey, they grew up kinda poor around the “Great Depression” and you don’t through things away. Like my dad put things in his old empty Rx bottles. I found one Rx bottle full of those square, plastic things that you close bread wrappers with. Not the twisty ties, but the square things with the notch. Cause he figured he might have to use them one day for something.

Anyway, my goal yesterday was to clean in their house and porch to get ready for the “estate sale,” as I’m calling it. But I kept getting distracted by trying to organize items to sell. And then there are all the memories and sentimental artifacts. But my goal is to focus on one thing at a time. Cleaning. Then organizing. Then pricing. Good luck with that. I feel a sense of satisfaction when I can throw away a whole trash bag of “trash.” But I’m going to keep the Rx bottle of bread wrapper closers because it’s funny, and it doesn’t take up much room, unlike this typewriter my dad used probably right up until he died.


Its still works! Sort of.

Well, gotta go do stuff. So that’s it.

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