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Good News Tuesday for May 2, 2023: Pope Francis Gives Women Voting Power, Music Therapy Helps Man Walk and Talk Again, Single Mom Adopts Teen Mom of Triplets, and a Seventh Grader Steers Bus to Safety

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Pope Francis to Give Women Voting Power in “Synod of Bishops”

In the October meeting of Catholic bishops from around the world, women will have votes for the first time. Five religious sisters will join five priests as voting representatives. Pope Francis has also decided to appoint 70 non-bishop voting members to the “Synod of Bishops” and has asked that half of them be women. Here’s more from The Guardian.

Mindful Music Therapy Helps Man Walk and Speak

71-year-old Ian Palmer was unable to walk or speak properly due to Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare condition in which a person’s immune system attacks their motor nerves. Mindful music therapy (including listening to The Carpenters) helped retrained his brain to engage muscles and help him walk and speak again. The Good News Network has more about this fascinating process.

Single Mother of Five Adopts Teen Mom of Triplets

NICU nurse Katrina Mullen, a single mother of five, adopted Shariya Small, a 14-year-old mother of triplets to keep the young family together. Read their story from the Good News Network which includes a video.

Seventh Grader Steers Bus to Safety

Dillon Reeves, a 13-year-old in Michigan, noticed his school bus driver was having trouble. When he realized she was becoming unconscious, he put his foot on the brake, steered the bus to a safe stop and told someone to call 911.

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Good News Tuesday: Free Groceries, Pit Bull Hero,Winter Coats, Radiation Armor, and Adoption Cheers

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Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Free Groceries

Brad Paisley and his wife, Kimberly, have opened a grocery store in Nashville, Tennessee where the food is free. “The Store allows families who are referred by nonprofit and government agencies to shop at the grocery free of charge for one year so that they can get back on their feet, Today reported.” The Paisleys got the idea while visiting Unity Shoppe in California with their sons.

Here’s more:

Pit Bull Hero Changes Attitudes about his Breed

Simba, a pitbull in Sweden, was negatively judged by his neighbors until he saved the life of and elderly woman in the apartment building where he lives.

“Mehana and Simba had recently been returning to their apartment from a walk when the pup suddenly started barking and pawing at the elderly woman’s door—and he refused to leave.”    Good News Network

To read more of the story  click here. 

Free Winter Coats in Dublin

 “If you need one, please take one. If you want to help, please hang one up.”

That’s the sign on the Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin where those in need can help  themselves to coats.   Click here for the picture and the story.

Copper Amour Reduces Excess Radiation During Cancer Treatment

Teenager Macinley Butson of Australia has invented scaled armour that protects patients from excess radiation during breast cancer treatment. She discovered that copper was more effective than lead at the skin’s surface. When tested, her armour reduced unwanted radiation up to 80%. It’s interesting how she came up with the idea.

Cheers for Michael

Michael Invited his Whole Kindergarten Class to Court for his Adoption.

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Good News Tuesday: Sibling Adoption, Marathon Sanctuary, & a Special Donation

I hope you’re all having a lovely holiday. I didn’t completely forget about Good News Tuesday. I had most of this post done a few days ago, back when I remembered that Christmas was on Tuesday. After this morning’s hike and some veggie lasagna, I was just settling in for a nap when I realized, it’s Tuesday! The good news doesn’t stop! So here we go….

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Seven Siblings are adopted After 1,035 days in Foster Care.

Michael and Terri Hawthorn’s four biological children were mostly grown up. In April they adopted toddler twins. On December 3rd, they adopted seven siblings. I think you’ll enjoy their story:




On-Going Marathon Mass Provides Sanctuary for One Family

A Church in The Netherlands has been holding a 24/7 around the clock church service for over 6 weeks to provide sanctuary for an Armenian family.  It was a special treat for me to hear them singing some of my favorite Taize chants.  I love how volunteers from many denominations are helping.



Donating instead of Shipping

This couple is moving from California to North Carolina. But instead of shipping their stuff across the country, they’re donating  almost all their possessions to California Firefighters.



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