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Good News Tuesday: Happy New Year!

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Yes, I’m a little late this Tuesday, but it’s still New Year’s Day and it’s not too late to bring a little balance to the media.

Good News for Wild and Exotic Animals

The state of New Jersey has voted to ban the use of wild and exotic animals from circuses and other forms of “entertainment.” New Jersey’s  Governor Murphy signed was is known as “Nosey’s Law,” and Nosey is now living happily at a sanctuary in Tennessee. The following video identifies other states and countries that have banned the exploitation of wild and exotic animals for “entertainment.” It also contains a few photos of animal abuse in case you just want to listen.

Mom Gets College Diploma While in Labor

Anshonaria Greenhouse wanted to show her daughter the power of determination and education. She had taken her final exams from the hospital when she was in premature labor. Apparently her son was willing to wait a little longer. Anshonaria walked across the stage to get her diploma while in labor.  You can read more here.

Good News About Good News:

According to Google, the world is searching for “good” more than ever before. At least that’s what happened in 2018.  Here are are a few good news items that got the attention they deserved last year:



Making 2019 an Extraordinary Year:

It’s a good time to imagine all the wonderful possibilities ahead. What do you want to experience in 2019? What will that experience feel like? The experience idea comes from an article I found at the Good News Network. Author Cameron Brown’s first step in making 2019 extraordinary is similar to what brought my soul mate into my life in 2011. The other steps in the article make a lot of sense too. I especially like the one about recognizing your progress. After reading this, I feel motivated and ready! Have a look!

“Four Steps to Making 2019 an Extraordinary Year.

May the new year bring you many marvelous experiences and moments of peace and joy!

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