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“Everyday Miracles” in a Year of Clarity

Today’s Just Jot January prompt is: “caught.” One of the things that came to mind was “caught doing something good.” You’ll find some of that good stuff in my Good News Tuesday posts. Looking back at some of my drafts, the one sharing Jami Carter’s post caught my attention. Jami is doing a lot of good work. She’s a nurse and a writer among other things and blogs at My Journey to a Butterfly where these words gave me good chills:

“In the midst of loss, tragedy and fear, I’ve found joy, peace and accomplishment. And love.”

Jami Carter

Here’s Jami’s post: Maximizing by minimizing – My journey to a butterfly % (

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One-Liner Wednesday/JusJoJan: From Icy Fingers to Joy and Hope

Photo from Pixabay by Coernl

When I read the title of Linda’s post containing todays’ prompt, “Icy fingers,”  I read it as “joy fingers,” because of the fancy font. Maybe that’s what I wanted to see – joy instead of icy. I do get icy fingers sometimes in the winter – a circulation issue perhaps or low thyroid, whatever. Joy fingers would be better. Joy fingers makes me think of massage for which I am way overdue.

Looking back over my drafted One-liner drafts, If found this quote on joy attributed to Hafiz, the poet of ancient wisdom. 

“You carry within your soul every ingredient necessary to turn your existence into joy.”



Daffodils offer

Icy green fingers of hope 

With joy from their souls. 

JoAnna of the Forest

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JusJoJan 4: Fingertips and a Movie Clip

Thanks to our host, Linda Hill, for informing us that today is World Braille Day and the links to podcasts by Kerry and her brother. Here’s Kerry’s blog, Her Headache, and here’s a sizzler for their podcast: Blind brother and sister help others ‘see’ their world | CBC News

There’s an interesting movie that relates to this post. I won’t tell you how, so maybe you’ll only have a clue and not a spoiler. The movie is, The Book of Eli. It’s a gritty post apocalyptical story with a spiritual twist. Parts of it look like a kung fu western, which is not normally my thing. The following scene is more my thing:

Yep. That’s Denzel Washington playing the main character. The female lead is played by Mila Kunis who played Jackie on That 70s Show. That’s versatility.

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#JusJoJan 3: A Hawk is Not a “Servant”

It’s been a while since I did JusJoJan. It’ll probably have a lot of SoC writing but with editing allowed. So apparently the prompt is “servant,” if I’ve got this right. I could write something lofty about servant leadership. But there was a hawk in my backyard this afternoon. The hawk was not a servant. He or she is a predator. I might have seen this hawk before, eating in this same tree. This afternoon it seemed to be eating something stringy like a snake. If I wanted to be gross, I’d delve into this with a “dinner is served” take on the prompt. But never mind that or the video. I’ll stick with the prettier pictures.

It was so fascinating, I will have to work on counter stretches for my neck. The hawk stayed for about an hour and flew off in the moment when I wasn’t watching, of course. I’ll share some photos.

It doesn’t look that big here, but it’s about the same size as Mama Cat who will remain an indoor cat.

We went to a park earlier today. It was an okay park, but a little crowded since the weather was great today. Seeing the hawk was more interesting than the park which reinforces staying home and exploring my own backyard.

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SoCS: Saving Boxes, Watching the Sky, and Feeling the Thrill of Hope

Today’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is, “box.” Short and simple with all kinds of possibilities. Even though I’m more of a circle person and like to think outside the box, I do like boxes that are sturdy or pretty. Maybe you could say I collect boxes, though I do break some down and put them in the recycle bin. Cereal boxes get recycled, ordinary cardboard boxes get broken down and recycled, but if a box is sturdy or pretty, it’s a keeper. Because I might be able to use it for something. I take pride in putting boxes inside boxes to store them in the attic.

My favorite boxes are Christmas card boxes that are both pretty and sturdy. Like this year’s edition bought last year:

And this box from a few years ago:

They contain Christmas cards leftover that I hope to send one year.

Box. There used to be a question years ago, routinely asked in guessing games like 21 questions.

“Is it bigger than a bread box?”

Do people still use bread boxes? We had one when I was a kid. It was yellow and seemed to have some metal on it with a pull down door. Seems like it was big enough to fit about two or three loaves if you stacked them. Now, I put my bread in the refrigerator. Cause ants. Many years ago when I lived in an old house downtown, we had mice that climbed on top of the refrigerator and burrowed a hole into the bread that was on top of the refrigerator. Though we don’t live downtown anymore, I still put my bread INSIDE the refrigerator.

But what I really want to talk about, or write about to be accurate, is seeing the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. Dec. 21st was the big day to see it, but sunset came so fast and we missed it. Instead we went downtown on Dec. 22 to the riverwalk at sunset as directed and looked to the west/southwest. We didn’t see it right away, and I worried that we had missed it, but David saw it as the sky moved into twilight. Seeing the conjunction excited me and feels like the highlight of my year, even though the year is not over. It is a sign of hope. The timing with the winter solstice, Christmas, and the holy days, tells us that… I don’t know what it tells us. What I know is that I felt the thrill of hope.

You can learn more about the conjunction of 2020 and see the rings of Saturn here among other places. What I saw was Jupiter with a second light of Saturn right next to it as the sky got darker. I don’t know if you can see that in my photos, but here they are.

You can barely see it in the upper right.
And here, just right of center.

Here, the conjunction is reflected by the river.

Have you ever felt the thrill of hope? Remember that feeling!

The Nativity Story is my favorite film about Jesus’ birth.

May the holy days carry us through

to a new and better year.

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SoCS: The Lord of the Rings and Letters from Vietnam

Saruman believes it is only great power that can hold evil in check,

but that is not what I have found. I found it is the small everyday

deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay…

small acts of kindness and love.”

Gandalf in The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

Today’s prompt is the word, “ring,” to be used in any form and to have fun with.

Fun comes in many forms. One way I have fun is to watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit movies. Being a huge fan, I can watch these movies over and over again, especially the parts with the elves.

LOTR is about heroism, good winning over evil, sacrifice, fellowship, loyalty, natural magic, and more set in a place that allows me to escape the things I want to escape from that I will not mention. But the qualities and messages are still relevant in reality.

There’s a scene toward the end of the trilogy when Sam and Frodo are exhausted and don’t know if they will survive. They reminisce about their sweet home, The Shire. Sam imagines the goldilocks girl, barmaid he would like to marry. The reminiscing starts at 1 minute. Be sure to watch til the end when the Eagles come!

Coincidentally, but not really, I’ve been reading about all these things in my dad’s letters from Vietnam since Veterans Day.

I’m reading them for research for the novel I’m writing for NaNoWriMo. Reading the letters is slowing me down, but it needs to be done this way. So what if I don’t write 50,000 words by Nov. 30? It will be okay.

My dad’s letters show how much he adored my mother. He writes of dreaming of her constantly while asleep and while awake in Vietnam. It almost seems like he puts her on a pedestal. The dreams and images of her keep him going, keep him sane, and give him hope to stay alive to come home to her.

I watched a video about another guy talking about doing this in Vietnam, dreaming about his girlfriend kept him going, sane, alive. Let see if I can find it…. The speaker, Dr. Earhart, was a high school teacher after he got back. Toward the end of the video, at around 13 minutes, he talks about the girlfriend that had sent him a “Dear John” letter. The whole video is eye opening.

My dad’s letters mention that a lot of guys got “Dear John,” letters. Maybe that’s why he expressed so much love for my mom in his letters and always signed them,

All My Love,

Your Husband Forever,


When things are going badly, when we don’t know what’s going to happen, even when it seems like we might not make it, dreaming of a better future, imagining holding our loved ones in our arms, being with family in our homeland, these are legitimate coping skills. Valuable survival skills. And so we keep on doing those small acts of kindness and love to keep the darkness at bay whenever and wherever we might be.

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Thursday Tree Love: My Favorite Sycamore

I’ve shared about the sycamore in my backyard before, but I love this tree so much, I wanted to share her beautiful fall colors.

This tree is very close to my house and has been leaning a little bit over the backyard (and my neighbor’s backyard) ever since a big hurricane maybe 20 years ago. Her deep roots have held firm ever since. From her base, she’s grown an additional slender branch or trunk? for balance.

When I thought my recently adopted semi-feral cat had escaped, I spent a good amount of time outside lying on a blanket hoping and praying she would show up. That’s when I took the following video looking up at my favorite sycamore. The cat had been hiding in the house the whole time and is fine.

The windmill is made from box fan blades hung on the old fence post.

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SoCS: Bonjour to the Journey

Our prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “jour.” Find a word containing “jour” or use it as is. Bonus points if you start or end your post with that word. Enjoy! (Thanks Linda Hill!)


I took three years of French in high school and loved it. Thought about majoring in French even. Then, biology, then psychology…. a journey of revelation. Such is life.

Spanish would have been more practical. Maybe someday, I’ll learn Spanish. But the older I get, the more I realize my time is limited and I must prioritize.

This month, I’m prioritizing NaNoWriMo. Not that I’m knocking myself out, but I’m doing it. Writing a novel is work. Incorporating my family history, or rather basing the novel on my parents, requires some research – just to try to get the timelines accurate. At least when I’m done with the first draft, I’ll have a family history for my kids, plus some fiction to fill in the gaps.

Writing a novel is a process. A long one. Like this election in the US is a process, not an event. Like recovery. The process will hopefully prompt ongoing recovery. A healing I hope.

It might take a long time for my country to heal from the damage that has been done, for us to bridge the divide that has grown at the hands of so called leaders, a divide widened by media’s focus on our differences and conflicts. But it is a journey we can decide to take in faith, or at least in hope. Because if you can’t find faith, look for hope, and hope will lead you to faith.

One step at a time.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” LaoTzu

Sometimes we don’t know how many steps the journey will take, but we can start taking them anyway. Maybe it’s better not to know. Just keep moving toward the light at whatever pace works for you.

Rest when you need to, but don’t give up!

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Thursday Tree Love: Growing Out of Rock

This tree, or maybe it’s two trees, lives in the mountains of North Carolina and appears to be growing out of rock.

Here’s the view from the other direction.

A full crown of leaves suggests deep roots finding nourishment in spite of the rock base.

Can you identify this tree couple? I’m thinking maybe beech.

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Good News Tuesday for Oct. 6, 2020: Bee Populations, Jet Suits, Hope for Planet Earth, and Paying Medical Bills with Volunteer Hours

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Bee Populations Growing in Some US States

The Good News Network reports that bee populations are increasing in many US states with Maine showing a 73% rise in the past two years. Click here for details and how you can help.

A Jet Suit for Paramedics

In the UK a new jet suit is being tested that would allow paramedics to “fly” over rough terrain to reach patients. With small engines on their arms and another on their backs, these heroes will be able carry med kits and skill to the injured much faster. My Goodnewsletter led me to this story and video from BBC News.

Update: I just found a better video: ( I think this is a test run.)

Hope for the Planet

Geophysicist Michael Mann says on 60 minutes, “If we stop burning carbon now, we stop the warming of the planet.”

We’re making progress according to this Good News Network article, but we still need to stop burning fossil fuels.

One Doctor Does What He Can About Medical Costs

Demetrio Aguila has created a program so patients can pay for surgery by volunteering at a charitable organization. Patients can gather a team to help with the volunteer hours.

Got good news?

Please share in the comments!

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