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Home Sweet Home (for Dan Antion’s Thursday Doors Writing Challenge)


Instructions: Writing for the Third Annual Thursday Doors Writing Challenge has begun. If you want to join the fun, pick a door, write a story, poem, novel, screenplay, musical score – anything at all. Post your writing on your blog (or email it to me, if you don’t have a blog) and join the already growing list of writers in the table below.

I was drawn to the photo by by Susan Rushton. It inspired me to write a poem for my daughter who’s heart’s desire is to move from the city to the foothills. I hope she finds a place in better shape than this one, but as long as the house has “good bones,” she would be happy living in a cooler, earthier place.

She longed to live in a simpler time

Closer to the earth

instead of the small apartment

in the sweltering city growing too fast.

Between the apartment complex and

the affluent housing development,

she found remnants of greenery

and took pictures of wildflowers and birds,

mushrooms and medicinal plants,

hoping the therapeutic photography

would be enough until she could escape

the city where she’d been born

and lived her life of 30 years.

She started letting go of extra weight –

selling, donating, simplifying.

Then the time came

for the journey west.

She couldn’t believe it was really happening,

But it was really happening.

When she finally found her

home sweet home

made of stone and adorned

with greenery growing on the roof

and a clothesline in the yard,

It took her breath away.

Each step along the path,

lined with wildflowers

and medicinal plants,

to the aged wooden door,

felt like both dream and awakening.

She placed her hand on the stone

beside the door.

It felt cool and solid.

The strong door

creaked softly.

When she stepped inside,

her heart danced.

She knew she was home.

Next to the stone fireplace

a rocking chair beckoned.

The chair did not creak

but seemed to glide

offering a view

of the wildflower garden

through open linen curtains.

Leaning her head back,

she closed her eyes,

imagined flower boxes,

and thought she heard singing.

It was her own voice.

A year later,

she rocked her happy baby

while singing a lullaby.

Yellow and purple pansies

flourished in the flower boxes.

Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

24 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home (for Dan Antion’s Thursday Doors Writing Challenge)

  1. So evocative a poem of an idyllic life. It is good that Susan’s photograph inspired you.

  2. Crossing fingers for your daughter ❤️🤗

  3. It’s lovely how this photo prompted such lovely words. The photo is inspiring indeed. Hope whoever lives there a world of wonderment. Thanks for sharing. ‘Tis all lovely. Blessings.

  4. I hope your daughter finds her dream home in the foothills. 💕

  5. A lovely poem, JoAnna, it is really happy and uplifting.

  6. This is lovely, JoAnna. You’vce shown us that there is beauty in everything, and that we can find it. This truly lives up to the name of your blog. Well done!

  7. Oh, how beautiful! I wish this for her, and for all of us. Find a home, and sing.

    • Thank you very much for wishing with me. I love that you picked up on those key things: find a home and sing. My daughter and I used to sing together a lot on road trips. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

  8. Thank you for sharing!!.. as the saying goes “home is where the heart is” and “Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.” (Roy T. Bennett ).. 🙂

    Hope life is all that you wish for it to be and until we meet again..
    May your day be touched
    by a bit of Irish luck,
    Brightened by a song
    in your heart,
    And warmed by the smiles
    of people you love.
    (Irish Saying)

    • “Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.” I love that quote! Thank you so much, Larry. 🙂

  9. This is lovely, JoAnna, and a wonderful homage to your daughter’s hopes and dreams of living a quieter life. Even though I live in a city, I feel most at peace among the wildflowers, trees and all of nature. I get it!

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