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Good News Tuesday for May 16, 2023: Rwanda’s Malaria Fighting Milestone, Brooklyn’s Geo-Thermal Apartment Complex, The Good Cup, and a Marathon Assist


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10,000 Caregivers Have Been Certified to Fight Malaria in Rwanda

This year, Rwanda reached a milestone: 10,000 caregivers have been certified to fight malaria. Historically, these caregivers were women who provided care at the expense of their own economic growth. Now, with certification program, they are paid a living wage for their work. Read about how this has helped Rwanda’s people and communities in this article from GoodGoodGood.

Breaking Ground at a Geothermal Apartment Complex in Brooklyn

A large geothermal apartment complex is going up in Brooklyn, NY. It’s hoped that this project will provide a template for future buildings and reduce emissions. Here’s an article from CNBC including a video that that explains the concept.

The Good Cup

A company called, Choose Planet A, has developed a foldable, recyclable cup that serves as a takeout container for hot and cold drinks. The Good Cup has a bio-based coating and does not need a plastic lid. It’s mainly available in Canada, Japan, Australia, China, and the UK. Let’s hope such earth friendly cups spread to every country. Take a look in this article.

New York Governor Signs Bill Allowing Easier Access to Contraceptives

A new law that takes effect in November 2024, allows trained pharmacists to provide hormonal contraceptives including oral birth control pills, vaginal rings, and the patch to New Yorkers without a prescription. Here’s more from AP.

Marathoners Help Runner to Finish Line

A runner in the 2023 London Marathon last month was having trouble, doubled over, and about to collapse. Watch as two other runners come to help him finish the race.

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Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

8 thoughts on “Good News Tuesday for May 16, 2023: Rwanda’s Malaria Fighting Milestone, Brooklyn’s Geo-Thermal Apartment Complex, The Good Cup, and a Marathon Assist

  1. Wow. Humans are just where we need them to be — And so smart!

    Geothermal Apartment Complex — wow.
    The good cup— wow.
    I never have coffee to go. It’s just not something I do. The coffee I drink is always in a mug. Be it at home or at coffee shops. Therefore I’ve never seen those cups you talk about here. But now that I know I’ll be on the look out. This is stellar. I love this. Thanks for sharing this bit of good news. Love it all. Xoxo

    • You’re welcome! I don’t usually get coffee to go, but it seems a lot of people do. Some places use sturdy paper cups, but there’s still plenty of styrofoam being used in the US. It’s gross. Thank you for going with the mugs and for supporting the good news!

  2. What good news today, JoAnna! ❤ Kudos to all, but especially to the governor of New York! Women need to have wanted babies when they can afford to have them.

  3. All good news today. I like the Rwanda and the New York stories…

  4. Nice to hear some good news. 🩶🙏

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